2004-2005 SWB Officers and Committees


Phillip Mulder, President
John Burd, Past-President
Bastiaan (Bart) Drees, Vice-President
David Thompson, Secretary/Treasurer
Greg Cronholm, Secretary/Treasurer- Elect
Marvin Harris, ESA Governing Board Representative

Audit Committee

Grant Kinzer, Chair
Jonathan Edelson
Tom Fuchs

Awards Committee

Kris Giles, Chair (05-06)
Brad Kard (06)
Jesus Esquivel (06)
Carol Sutherland (06)
Carlos Bogran (05)
Norman Elliot (05)
Ron Byford (04)
Chris Sansone (04)
Darrell Bay (04)

Branch Archivist

Gregory Cronholm

Insect Detection Committee

Carol Sutherland, Chair
Richard Grantham
John Jackman

Insect Expo Coordinators

Scott Russell, Chair
Andrine Morrison
Bonnie Pendleton
Phil Mulder

Linnaean Games Committee

Phil Mulder, Chair
Ann Weise
Richard Berberet
Richard Grantham
Marvin Harris
Mark Muegge
Harlan Thorvilson
Scott Bundy

Local Arrangements Committee

Scott Bundy, Co-chair
Mike English, Co-chair

Membership Committee

Tom Royer, Chair
Jesus Esquivel
Marvin Harris
Pat Porter
Dale Spurgeon
Pete Teel
Harlan Thorvilson
Cole Younger
John Burd
Doug van Gundy

Necrology Committee

Jim Reinert, Chair
Grant Kinzer
Phil Mulder

Nominations Committee

John Burd, Chair
Phil Mulder
Terry Mize
Pat Morrison

Program Chair

Carol Sutherland

Public Information Committee

Edmond Bonjour, Chair
Charles Chilcutt
Jim Criswell
Forest Mitchell
David Richman
Nathan Riggs
Carol Sutherland

Resolutions Committee

Bill Ree, Chair
John George
Stan Carroll
Allen Knutson

Retirees Coordinator

Russell Wright, Chair
Pat Morrison

Site Selection Committee

Greg Cronholm, Chair
Jim Reinert
Scott Ludwig
Bart Drees

Spouses and Guests Coordinator

Ann Wiese, Chair
Lori Mulder

Student Affairs Committee

Paul Smith, Chair
Ram Shrestha
Doug Jones

Student Research Paper And Poster Awards Committee

Bonnie Pendleton, Chair (04-06)
Richard Berberet
Robert Bowling
Roxanne Bowling
Jane Breen Pierce
Jack Dillwith
Miles Karner
Jerry Michels
Megha Parajulee
Jeff Tomberlin

Youth Science Committee

Noel Troxclair, Chair
Scott Russell
Bonnie Pendleton
Richard Grantham
Pete Teel
M.O. Way
Phil Mulder
Scott Bundy

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