Entomology 2017 Symposia and Organized Meetings

The following have been accepted as Symposia and Organized Meetings for Entomology 2017 which will be held November 5-8, 2017 in Denver, Colorado.

Program Symposia

Section Symposia

Member Symposia

Organized Meetings

Learn more about the Workshops, Lunch and Learns, and Sunrise Sessions being offered at this year's Annual Meeting.

Program Symposia

Grand Challenges: Tackling Invasive Species and Communication Strategies
Organizers: Mustapha Debboun, Alec Gerry, Peter Jensen, Blair Siegfried, Melissa Willrich Siebert, Mark Wright, Patrick Moran, Faith Oi, Chris Stelzig, Christopher Beatty, and Andrew Short

Igniting Cross Disciplinarity, Inspiring Novel Research, and Innovating Solutions to the World's Biggest Killers: Ecological and Evolutionary Perspectives of Biodiversity in the Mosquitoes
Organizers: Michael Reiskind and Brian Wiegmann

Igniting the Spark: Science Communication by the Next Generation for Entomologists
Organizers: Rob Morrison, Kyndall Dye, Isobel Ronai, Amy C. Morey, Erika Machtinger, William R. Kuhn, and Ana Vélez

The Power of Cooperation: Collaborations that Facilitate Advancements in Science
Organizers: Carlos Esquivel, Adekunle Adesanya, Jocelyn R. Holt, Alix Whitener, and Andrea Skiles

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Section Symposia

MUVE Section

Advances in the Biology and Management of Modern Bed Bugs
Organizers: Stephen Doggett, Dini Miller, and Chow-Yang Lee

DoD-Funded Research to Transform Ideas into Products
Organizer: Gabriela Zollner

Early Career Researchers: Global Collaborations in the Field of Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Epidemiology
Organizer: Georgette Kluiters

Innovation in Research and Development of Insect Repellents
Organizer: Mustapha Debboun

Innovations in Disease Management: Integrating Entomology and Community Engagement
Organizers: Tanya Josek and Allison Gardner

Resurgence of Black Flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the Academic and Public Arenas
Organizers: Rebecca Wilson and Tina Nations

The Challenge of Tick-Borne Diseases
Organizers: Kirby Stafford and Goudarz Molaei

Vector Management Using Consumer Products
Organizers: Jennifer Gordon, Tom Mascari, and Daniel Usry

PBT Section

Chemical Ecology of Cerambycid Beetles: Basic Science and Practical Applications
Organizers: Jocelyn Millar and Lawrence Hanks

Chemical Innovation in the Insect World: How, Why, and What Next?
Organizer: Amanda Brown

Combining Ecology, Evolution, and Genomics to Study Complex Insect Phenotypes
Organizers: Brendan Hunt, Sarah Kocher, and Karl Glastad

Efficacy and Durability of RNAi and RNAi Traits
Organizers: Elaine Fishilevich, William Moar, and Ana Velez

Fruit Flies: From Model to Management
Organizers: Dong Cha and Peter Witzgall

Insect Genome Data Management: Progress and Perspectives
Organizers: Bindiya Sachdev and Amit Sethi

Insecticide Science in the 21st Century: The Age of Increased Targets, Resistance, and Biorational Insecticides
Organizers: Daniel Swale and Aaron Gross

Mitochondria, Metabolism, and Homeostasis: From Molecular Mechanisms to Societies
Organizers: Jonathan Snow and Clare Rittschof

New Directions in Evaluating Insecticidal Proteins for Safety
Organizer: Kenneth Narva

Pesticide Exposure Assessment for Non-Apis Bees: Inspiring Research for Innovative Solutions
Natalie Boyle, Theresa Pitts-Singer, and Bridget O'Neill

Protecting Bee Pollinators with Comparative Toxicology and Functional Genomics
Organizers: Troy Anderson, Ralf Nauen, and Chris Bass

The Peritrophic Matrix: From Past to Future
Organizers: Ping Wang and Umut Toprak

P-IE Section

Applied Chemical and Biocontrol for Invasive Species
Organizers: Nicole Quinn and Rob Morrison

Celebrating a Centennial of Corn Borers: What Have We Learned Since the Introduction?
Organizers: Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris and Ana Velez

Climate and Forest Insect Outbreaks: Linking Climate, Tree Physiology, and Insect Demography
Organizer: Dennis Goodman

Ecology in the Sixth Mass Extinction: Detecting and Understanding Rare Biotic Interactions
Organizers: Elsa Youngsteadt, Clyde E. Sorenson, and Margarita López-Uribe

Entomological Engineering: Tracking, Stimulation, and Detection of Insects
Organizer: Barukh Rohde

Finding Common Ground: Comparing Pollinator and Natural Enemy Community Responses to Land Management Practices
Organizers: Gina Angelella, Heather Grab, and Megan E. O'Rourke

Igniting Next Generation Science on Habitat and Landscape Management to Enhance Pest Suppression and Pollination
Organizers: Douglas Landis, Claudio Gratton, Katja Poveda, Felix Bianchi, and Mary Gardiner

Igniting the Future of Insect Migration Research
Organizers: Jennifer Krauel, Tyler Flockhart, and Aislinn Pearson

Igniting, Inspiring, and Influencing the Public Mind: Roles in Educating the Public on Biotechnology
Organizers: Marc Fisher and Boris Castro

Inspiring a New Cadre of Vegetable Specialists By Sharing Expertise Related to Piercing-Sucking Insects of Economic Importance in Vegetable Production
Organizers: Josephine Antwi and Silvia Rondon

Integrated Pest Management of Tropical Crops
Organizer: Rangaswamy Muniappan

Interactions of Bark and Ambrosia Beetles with their Fungal Symbionts and Naive Hosts: Exploring Biological, Ecological, and Physiological Vulnerabilities
Organizers: Christopher Ranger and Matthew Ginzel

Leveraging Non-Traditional Uses of Microbial Control Agents for Broad Application in Crop Production and Protection
Organizers: Surendra Dara and David Shapiro-Ilan

New Directions in Indirect Defense: A Continuum of Plant Control over Tri-Trophic Interactions
Organizer: Ian Pearse

New Tools and Tactics to Manage Insecticide Resistance
Organizers: Scott Ludwig, Graham P. Head, Caydee Savinelli, James Steffel, and Rebecca Willis

Novel DNA-Based Methods to Reveal Diets of Beneficial Insects
Organizers: Debora Pires Paula and David Andow

Symposium in Honor of Larry Larson: Crops and Pollinators: Causes of Decline and Solutions for Improving Pollinator Health and Delivering on Crop Production
Organizers: Luis Gomez and Melissa Siebert

Understanding the Host-Vector-Pathogen Interactions Involved in Citrus Greening Disease: Advances in Vector and Disease Control
Organizers: Justin George and Stephen Lapointe

SysEB Section

Big Data and Bugs: How Massively Collected Biodiversity Data Are Changing the Way We Do Insect Science
Organizers: Deborah Paul, Pamela Soltis, and Ana Dal Molin

Breaking into the Biobank: Promising Methods for Sequencing DNA from Museum Arthropod Specimens
Organizers: Michael Forthman and Eric Gordon

Integrative and Comparative Approaches to Understanding the Evolution of Social Behavior
Organizers: Sarah Lawson and Sandra Rehan

It Takes Two: Co-Evolutionary Innovation in Insect-Based Mutualisms
Organizers: Justin Van Goor and Finn Piatscheck

Lighting the Candle: Innovative Approaches for Illuminating Earth’s Biodiversity
Organizers: Robert Kula and Michael Caterino

Revelations from Insect Transcriptomics
Organizer: Matan Shelomi

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Member Symposia

Acari Come Full Circle: From Omics to Physiology and Pathogen Transmission Biology
Organizers: Albert Mulenga and Patricia Pietrantonio

Advances in Arthropod Genomics
Organizers: Monica Munoz-Torres, Monica F. Poelchau, and Susan Brown 

Applying Emerging Genomic Techniques to Control Invasive Species
Organizers: Scott Geib, Sheina Sim, and Julian Dupuis

Aquatic Entomology: Innovative Strategies in Research, Education, and Outreach
Organizers: Courtney Larson and Andrea Kautz

Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Invertebrates: Research from Earth’s Coldest and Most Rapidly Changing Environments
Organizers: Toke Hoye, Claudio Gratton, and Lauren Culler

Breaking Down “the Wall”: Humans As Vectors of Invasive Species, Problematic Research-to-Policy Workflow, and Outbreaks
Organizer: John Leavengood

Chemical Ecology in the New Era of Technology
Organizers: Loren Rivera Vega, Anjel Helms, and Swayamjit Ray

Communication at the Intersection of Urban and Forest Communities
Organizers: Jessica Hartshorn and David Coyle

Demographic and Behavioral Responses of Insects to Disturbance
Organizer: Cheryl Schultz

Emerging Pathogens and Parasites of Honey Bees
Organizers: Marta Guarna and Jeffery Pettis

Entomology and Entomologists at Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions: Status, Challenge, and Prospect
Organizers: Lieceng Zhu and Rizana M. Mahroof

Entomology and Extension: Presenting Research Findings to Clientele
Organizer: Matthew VanWeelden

Functional Genomics of Pest Insects Via Targeted Genome Editing
Organizers: Omaththage Perera and Paul Shirk

Genomics of Adaptation: Linking the Next Generation of Genome-Wide Analysis to Understand and Manage Complex Traits
Organizers: Gregory Ragland, Glen Hood, Scott Egan, Daniel Hahn, and Meredith Doellman

Igniting Entomological Innovation from Universities, Government, and Industry (the BCE Symposium)
Organizers: Zia Siddiqi, Shripat Kamble, and Mustapha Debboun

Innovations and Upcoming Challenges to Manage Insects in Greenhouses
Organizers: Luis A. Cañas and Erfan Vafaie

Innovative Advancements in Eradicating the Asian Longhorned Beetle
Organizers: Robyn Rose, Rhonda Santos, and R. Talbot Trotter

Innovative Research on Climate Change across the USA and Latin America: 5th Latin American/Hispanic Symposium
Organizers: Silvia Rondon, Ana Legrand, Ismael E Badillo, and Jesus Lara 

Innovative Sunflower Insect Pest Management
Organizers: Janet Knodel and Travis Prochaska

Insect Eggs: Ecology, Morphology, and Applied Entomology
Organizers: Seth Donoughe and Sam Church

Insect Microclimates in a Changing World
Organizer: Kennan Oyen

Insect Nanocoatings: Diversity, Mechanisms, and Functions
Organizer: Vladimir Katanaev

Insects: It's What's for Dinner!
Organizer: Marianne Shockley

Interdisciplinary Approaches to IPM
Organizers: Lauren Diepenbrock and Philip Fanning

International Collaboration in Entomology: Successes and Challenges
Organizer: Harit K. Bal, Ameya Gondhalekar, Swapna Priya Rajarapu, Nandi Nagaraj, Murugesan Rangasamy, and Garima Kakkar

Into the Wilderness: Studies of Staphylinidae
Organizers: Michael Ferro and Brittany Owens

Orthopteroids: Innovative Organisms to Ignite and Inspire Scientific Research and Communication
Organizer: Derek Woller

Phenotypic Plasticity: Cause and Consequence in Insect Sociality
Organizers: Alexander Walton and Beryl Jones

Pollinator Nutrition: Lessons from Bees at Individual to Landscape Level
Organizers: Vanessa Corby-Harris, Margaret Couvillon, and Roger Schurch

Processes that Drive the Population Dynamics of Forest Insects: Celebrating the Contributions of Professor Ken Raffa (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Organizers: Richard Hofstetter, Nathan Havill, and Kimberly Wallin

Psyllids and "Candidatus Liberibacter" Species: Novel Insights about These Destructive Vector-Bacteria Partnerships
Organizer: Ismael E. Badillo

Pulse Crop Insect Pests and Their Management
Organizer: Gadi VP Reddy

Senior Member Symposium with Retired, Emeriti and ESA Professionals on Ignite Passion, Inspire Collaboration and Innovate Communications and Connections
Organizers: Kenneth A. Sorense and Sharlene Matten

Stored-Product Entomology: Innovative Approaches for Integrated Insect Pest Management
Organizers: Deanna Scheff and Sam Cook

Symposium in Honor of the Acarologist Carlos H. W. Flechtmann: Mite Odyssey
Organizers: Jose Carlos Rodrigues, Gilberto de Moraes, and Daniel Carrillo

Systematics and Evolution of the Tenebrionoidea (Coleoptera)
Organizers: M. Andrew Johnston and Kojun Kanda

The Acarological Society of America: Acarology in the Military
Organizers: Joel Hutcheson and David Nielsen

The Challenges of Effective Vector Control at the Intersection of Science, Policy, and Communications
Organizer: Ben Beard

The Inspiring, Exploding Skeptical Movement and its Impact on Entomology
Organizer: Robert K.D. Peterson

The Westward Expansion of Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica Newman): Encounters with Regulatory Entomology
Organizers: Clinton Burfitt and Jason Leathers

Toys of the Behavioral and Biocontrol Trade: The Possibilities and What You Need to Start
Organizer: Jana Lee

Urban Pollinator Conservation: Overcoming Challenges in a Rapidly Changing Environment
Organizers: Bernadette Mach and Adam Baker

What's the Buzz with Industrial Hemp and Entomology?
Organizers: Amanda Skidmore and Nathan Mercer

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Organized Meetings

Americas Neuropterists Meeting
Organizers: Roberto López-Garcia, Atilano Contreras-Ramos, and David E. Bowles

The Coleopterists Society General Meeting
Organizer: Derek Sikes

Current Advances in Acarology
Organizers: Daniel Carrillo, Jose Carlos Rodrigues, and Monica A. Farfan

Highlights of Medical, Urban and Veterinary Entomology & MUVE Business Meeting
Organizer: Alec Gerry

International Society of Hymenopterists Business Meeting
Organizers: Andrew Polaszek and Natalie Dale-Skey

IOBC Business Meeting and Mixer
Organizer: Jim Nechols

IUSSI North American Section Business Meeting
Organizers: Jennifer M. Jandt, James C. Nieh, and Olav Rueppell

Korean Young Entomologists (KYE)
Organizers: Donghun Kim and June-Sun Yoon

North American Dipterists Society (NADS) Meeting
Organizer: Torsten Dikow

Overseas Chinese Entomologist Association (OCEA): Progress Report and Student Competition in 2017
Organizer: Jerry Zhu

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT) Networking Section
Organizers: Peter Jensen and Blair Siegfried

Plant-Insect Ecosystem (P-IE) Section Networking, Business, and Learning Session
Organizers: Melissa Siebert and Mark Wright

Society of Overseas Nepalese Entomologists Meeting
Organizers: Sandipa Gautam, Jhalendra Rijal, and Kabita Kharel

SOLA Scarab Workers
Organizer: Andrew B. T. Smith

Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity (SysEB) Section Meeting
Organizers: Christopher Beatty and Andrew Short

Wera 1021: Multi-State Research Collaborations Inspire Spotted Wing Drosophila, Drosophila suzukii, Management Innovations
Organizer: Kelly Hamby

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