ESA Finance and Registration Management Support

ESA can provide you with a online registration management support when it comes to planning your Branch Meetings.

Who do I call...

Neil Wiloughby is the Director of Finance and will assist you in all needs related to managing and reporting Branch finances and registration.  Please contact him at +1(301)731-4535 x3005 or email.

Finance Support:  If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to branch finances, tax concerns, and expense & revenue management, please contact the ESA Headquarters. 

Branch Annual Meeting Registration Support:

Just use the checklist below to plan for your online registration.

□   Forward ESA Headquarters the registration information

o   Event Dates

o   Location and address

o   Rates for meeting:  Early Bird, Regular, Onsite (if different)

o   Categories and rates for different types of registration (Member, Nonmember, Guest, etc…)

o   Special events and tours

o   Cancellation policy

o   Miscellaneous items

□   A hard copy of the registration form (sample)

□   Hotel reservation information along with instructions for making reservations