Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology

This Section (formally IPMIS) is for people who study insects at the cellular or molecular levels, and it includes topics such as biochemistry, microbiology, toxicology, endocrinology, cytology, molecular biology, allelo chemicals, pheromones, hormones, metabolism, and others.

The PBT Section is currently activly pursuing two primary goals:

  1. Move PBT in new directions through the education of members and the adoption of new technologies with a workshop to be hosted in 2017 that will promote the usefulness of biotechnology for human society.
  2. Defend science within entomology and create a safe environment for dialogue.

PBT Section News

Contact PBT Section Leaders with your ideas for new PBT Section Initiatives, ways you would like to get involved, and any other important information you would like us to know. 

PBT Volunteers


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