Entomology Job Opportunities

The ESA job site is one of the most widely-read pages on the website. Members and other entomologists rely on ESA to be the forum for position announcements in the wide and varied field of entomology.

Positions listed on the ESA Careers site include full-time, part-time, internships, assistantships, and even some scholarships. If you’re looking for a job in entomology, this is where you start your search. Don’t forget to upload your resume to the site to allow employers to learn more about you.

To filter the job listings, simply type a keyword into any of the fields. If you use more than one filter field, the search will look for listings that contains the keywords in both. For example, searching for keyword "research" and company name "ACME" will return less results than just searching for keyword "research".

Position Title Company Namesort ascending Location Date Posted
AQUATIC ENTOMOLOGIST - ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Virginia Tech Entomology Blacksburg, VA, USA Oct 5, 2017
Deputy Administrator US Department of Agriculture Beltsville, Maryland, USA Oct 12, 2017
Assistant Professor - Insect Vector Biologist University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin, United States Sep 11, 2017
Tenure-Track Faculty Positions in Community Ecology University of Maryland, College Park College Park, Maryland, United States Oct 2, 2017
Graduate Student Assistantship in Insect Biotechnology University of Kentucky Lexington, KY, USA Oct 3, 2017
Assistant or Associate Professor of Arthropod Molecular Systematics University of Idaho Moscow, Idaho, USA Oct 19, 2017
PhD Assistantship in Insect Agroecology University of Idaho Moscow, Idaho, USA Sep 19, 2017
Graduate research assistantships, two-lined spittle bug ecology and management, University of Hawaii at Manoa. University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Oct 12, 2017
Graduate Student Assistantship - Diversity and ecology of saproxylic insects in southeastern U.S. forests University of Georgia Athens, Georgia, United States Sep 26, 2017
Graduate Student Assistantship University of Georgia Tifton, Georgia, United States Oct 9, 2017
Apiculture Lecturer and Distance Education Coordinator University of Florida Gainesville, FL, United States Sep 28, 2017
Research Associate Position University of Florida Homestead, Florida, United States Oct 3, 2017
Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Florida Gainesville, Florida, USA Oct 20, 2017
Postdoctoral Scholar in Insect Virology / Physiology University of Florida Gainesville, Florida, United States Sep 1, 2017
Graduate Student Assistantship University of Florida Quincy, FL, USA Sep 20, 2017
Director, UCCE Ventura County and Hansen Agricultural REC University of California, Agriculture & Natural Resources Davis, CA, United States Sep 15, 2017
Area Viticulture Cooperative Extension Advisor University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Division Davis, CA, USA Sep 1, 2017
Assistant Professor of Nematology UC Davis Davis, California, United States Sep 27, 2017
Texas A&M University, Department of Entomology PhD Student (Recruitment) Texas A&M University, Department of Entomology, PhD Student (Recruitment) College Station, TX, USA Oct 2, 2017