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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Derek Woller A.B.D. Ph.D. Candidate entomologist, taxonomy, systematics, morphology, molecular, biogeography, ecology, collections manager, collections, curator, collections manager, professor, teacher, outreach, research Oct 24, 2016
Dr. Floyd Shockley Doctorate Collections Management, Science Policy, Coleoptera, Systematics, Evolution, Natural History, Taxonomy, Morphology, Molecular Phylogenetics, Entomology, Administration Oct 21, 2016
Trisha Leaf PhD Candidate Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Field Trials, Experimental Design, Bt Traits, Insecticide Efficacy Evaluation Oct 20, 2016
Dale Halbritter M.S. Entomology, Ph.D. Entomology expected December 2016 Ecology, evolution, biodiversity, behavior, biogeography, climate change, conservation Oct 19, 2016
Aviva Goldmann Ph.D. (Graduation May 2017) Integrated Pest Management, IPM, biological control, citrus, entomology, agriculture, Asian citrus psyllid Oct 18, 2016
Ms. Anne Miskelley Bachelor's Oct 17, 2016
Steven Smith Masters of Science in Entomology field biologist, IPM, integrated pest management, field crops, research, research design Oct 17, 2016
Mr. Eric Clifton PhD Entomology, Nematology, Mycology, Integrated Pest Management, Biological Control, Pesticides, Host Plant Resistance, Agriculture Oct 15, 2016
Mr Arjun Khadka MS and DPM (Doctor of Plant medicine) Oct 15, 2016
Dr. Ryan Gott PhD Entomology, pest management, molecular biology, genetics Oct 15, 2016
Dr Touhidur Rahman PhD Integrated Pest Management, Biological Control, Ecology, Biology, Behaviour, Insecticide toxicity, Spatial distribution Oct 15, 2016
Mrs. Sarah Cunard Chaney Masters Public Health Entomology, Latin America, Spanish, Mosquito Control, Project Management, Community Mobilization for Public Health Oct 15, 2016
Dr. Doaa El Sayed Abd El Karim Soliman PhD medical and veterinary entomology, vector-borne disease, host-parasite interaction, vector immunity ,vector ecology, epidemiology Oct 15, 2016
Ms. Abigail Jean Cox Some graduate school Oct 15, 2016
Mr. James M. Wilson PhD Candidate Vegetable Entomology, Apiculture, Extension, Teaching, Risk Assessment Oct 15, 2016
Mrs. Meredith Edana Shrader Ph.D. Candidate, Masters degree in Life Sciences Vegetable crops, Fruit crops, Small plot research, Bioassay, Insecticide trials, Spotted wing drosophila, D. suzukii, African fig fly, Integrated pet management, Plant pathology Oct 15, 2016
Dr. Ernesto Robayo Camacho, PhD Ph.D. Insect pest, plant diseases, ornamental crops, R&D, project manager, energy crops, biomass, database Oct 15, 2016
Ms. Jacqueline Lydia Glass Masters Wildlife management, Vet Entomology focus on Spinose Ear Ticks Oct 15, 2016
Dr. Amaka Juliana Ugwu, PhD Doctorate Insect Ecology and Biology, fruit fly monitoring and control, integrated pest management, forest insect ecology and control, Biological control Oct 15, 2016
Dr. Kevin Maringer PhD Mosquito Aedes aegypti Arbovirus Dengue virus Zika virus Proteomics Transcriptomics Innate immunity Oct 15, 2016