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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Selah Zaldarriaga Some College Illustrator, Medical Entomology, Culicidae, Ephomoroptera, Philippines, Dengue Fever, Aedes aegypti, Student, Christian May 2, 2016
Carl Clem Masters taxonomy, outreach, community ecology, teaching, curation, conservation, native plants, Lepidoptera May 2, 2016
Lisa Drake Masters Biology, mosquitoes, molecular biology techniques May 2, 2016
Amy Ritchardson Bachelors Insects Research Integrated Pest Management Agriculture Crop physiology LiCor Analysis Presentations Biochemistry Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry May 2, 2016
Takayuki Kashima Masters May 2, 2016
Elizabeth Benton Masters entomology aquatic entomology forest entomology water quality integrated pest management bioassessment imidacloprid May 2, 2016
Samantha Tochen Masters Spotted wing drosophila Drosophila suzukii IPM Monitoring Bioassays ELISA PCR Data analysis Pesticide applicator May 2, 2016
Abhijna Upendran Doctorate Aquatic Entomology, Taxonomy of macoinvertebrates,Water quality analysis of freshwater ecosystems, Aquatic heavy toxic metal analysis, Collection of macroinvertebrates, insects, fish,Rapid Bioassessment Protocols, Statistical Analysis using PRIMER v6, R,PAST etc May 2, 2016
Elisabeth Darling Some College intern biomedical student college May 2, 2016
Mayur Kajla Doctorate Molecular Entomology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Vector Borne Diseases, Mosquito, Plasmodium,Host-parasite interactions, Remote sensing May 2, 2016
John Diller Masters Aquatic Entomology Culicidae Limnology Ecology SCUBA Great Lakes Education Biodiversity May 2, 2016
Bobbie Orr, BCE Bachelors training technical support field studies structural pest control Insect rearing May 2, 2016
Matthew Ngu Bachelors Produced the molecular phylogeny of the subfamily Tryphoninae Produced sequence data that was added to an Aphid database May 2, 2016
Farkhanda Dugal Doctorate social insects, mosquitoes termite urban pests May 2, 2016
John Bell Bachelors May 2, 2016
Ernesto Robayo-Camacho Doctorate Ornamental Plant Pest and Diseases, Research Project Manager, Bioenergy, Energy Crops, Biomass, Green Industry, Integrated Pest Management, Insect Biology, Plant Pathology May 2, 2016
Muhammad Ahmed Doctorate Muhammad Z Ahmed May 2, 2016
Arthur Young Bachelors naval orangeworm, almonds, Goniozus legneri, parasitoid, IPM May 2, 2016
SABYAN HONEY Doctorate sabyan honey Entomology Acarology Phytoseiidae systematics biological management isharab May 2, 2016
John Pleasants Doctorate pollination, GMO crops, monarch butterflies May 2, 2016