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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Tyler Wittman Bachelors May 2, 2016
John McCullers Masters Insect rearing/identification May 2, 2016
ARJUN KHADKA Masters University of florida, Graduate research assistant , Quarantine and regulatory pests, Integrated Pest Management, Volunteering, Bio control, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences May 2, 2016
Hiroshi Suenaga Bachelors May 2, 2016
Jessica Hartshorn Doctorate forest, ecology, biological control, invasive May 2, 2016
Tim Ciarlo Masters Board Certified Entomologist Insect Rearing and Behavior Insect Bioassays Crop Injury Assessment Greenhouse Management Dissection Microscopy Honey Bee Research Aseptic Technique Leadership May 2, 2016
Mike Bredeson Masters Agroecology Insects IPM Toxicology Biological control ELISA Agronomy May 2, 2016
Sarah Bernard Masters fire ants termites coptotermes reticulitermes solenopsis structural urban medical medvet vector May 2, 2016
Ghulam Sarwar Solangi Doctorate Biological Control mealybugs Entomopathogenic and plant parasitic nematodes May 2, 2016
SABYAN HONEY Doctorate sabyan honey Entomology Acarology Phytoseiidae systematics biological management isharab May 2, 2016
Fazila Yousuf Doctorate Bark beetle, Ips grandicollis, Wood wasp, Sirex noctilio, , entomopathogenic nematode, Deladenus siricidicola, Pinus spp. Pinus radiata, Fungi, Amylostereum areaolatum, Ophiostoma ips, Biological control, exotic pests, Forest, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Plant physiology, Entomopathology. May 2, 2016
Kim Yeoman Masters Zoology Entomology Toxicology Botany May 2, 2016