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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Takayuki Kashima Masters May 2, 2016
Elizabeth Benton Masters entomology aquatic entomology forest entomology water quality integrated pest management bioassessment imidacloprid May 2, 2016
Samantha Tochen Masters Spotted wing drosophila Drosophila suzukii IPM Monitoring Bioassays ELISA PCR Data analysis Pesticide applicator May 2, 2016
Elisabeth Darling Some College intern biomedical student college May 2, 2016
Mayur Kajla Doctorate Molecular Entomology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Vector Borne Diseases, Mosquito, Plasmodium,Host-parasite interactions, Remote sensing May 2, 2016
Dong Gun KIM Doctorate colonization, aquatic insect, community ecology, life history, climate change May 2, 2016
Devan George Some College research honors environmental agricultural Genetics taxonomy pathology extension IPM identification May 2, 2016
Jingjing Xu Doctorate pesticide development, RNA interference, bacteria express double strand RNA, insect physiology,colorado potato beetle, greenhouse operation, juvenile hormone pathway, ecdysone, insecticide resistance, molecular biology, biochemistry, protein expression and protein purification May 2, 2016
Christopher Bibbs Masters behavior venomous species ecology insect identification urban medical/veterinary May 2, 2016
Farhan Majeed Masters May 2, 2016
John Pleasants Doctorate pollination, GMO crops, monarch butterflies May 2, 2016
Colin Morrison Bachelors Ecologist Technician Insects Plants Tropical Curation Biodiversity Interactions Evolution Husbandry May 2, 2016
Enger German-Ramirez Masters Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Invasive insect pests, regulatory agricultural pest, Biological control, Relationship insect-plant, Insect ecology May 2, 2016
Christine Lynch Doctorate IPM Biological control Insect ecology and biology Insect rearing Forest entomology tephritid fruit fly parasitoids predators Regulatory entomology May 2, 2016
Brian Little Masters Entomology, Insecticides, Cotton, Stink Bugs, Chemicals, Toxicology, Insect Rearing, Service May 2, 2016
Lowell Nault Doctorate Insect vectors of plant pathogens Dalbulus leafhoppers aphid alarm pheromones. May 2, 2016
Brittny Jones Masters dissecting microscope biology systematics macroinvertebrates molecular biology forensic May 2, 2016
Megan Flynn Masters medical entomology, veterinary entomology, disease ecology, vector-borne pathogens, insect ecology May 2, 2016
Chelsea Rider Some College Coleoptera Lepidoptera Research Museum Internship Public Hemiptera California Pasadena Phasmatodea May 2, 2016
Matthew Frye Doctorate Biological Control, Invasion Biology, Native Plants May 2, 2016