Branch Annual Meeting Support

Who do I call....

Rosina Romano is ESA's Director of Meetings and she can assist you in selecting your meeting site, negotiating hotel contracts, logistics planning, as well as assistance related to Branch activities taking place during the ESA Annual Meeting.  Please contact her at +1(301)731-4535 x3010 or email.

Debi Sutton is ESA’s Director of Membership and Marketing and she can help you develop marketing materials to help promote your Branch meeting.  Please contact her at +1(301)731-4535 x3021 or email

ESA can provide you with a variety of support options when it comes to planning your Branch Meetings. Our goal is to allow you to focus on the program and agenda development and let us provide assistance in …

·         site selection

·         contract negotiation

·         logistics management

·         housing management

·         registration management

·         visual materials (signage, powerpoint templates)

·         marketing materials (emails, postcards, advertisements)

·         speaker and attendee list management 

As well as assist with the access to the Confex system for managing session and poster submissions.


Site Selection and Contract Negotiation

·         Provide guidance in developing your RFP for sleeping rooms, meeting  
          space and negotiated concessions.

·         Give feedback and guidance for evaluating cities, hotels, space and costs.

·         Review contracts and assist in negotiating more favorable terms.

Registration Setup & Management

·         Setup online registration forms for attendees for each of the branch
          meeting. This will allow you the ability to track registration history from
          year-to-year giving you an ability to forecast registration trends over time.

·         Provide onsite registration management, badge printing and ticketing.

Logistics and Housing Management - Planning Best Practices

·         To cut down on confusion and reduce response time, provide a list of
          contacts on your website for questions related to the meeting such as
          hotel, submission or agenda questions.

·         Provide an agenda, even if it is just an outline on the website when you
          open registration and housing reservations. This allows people to book
          their travel according to the agenda.

·         Post information about the hotel, ground transportation options and local
          area for attendees who have not been to the city before.

·         Create a single document to track all the setup information for the hotel.
           Provide this information to the hotel regularly as you update it.

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