Branch Election Support

Who do I call...

The Elections Manager can assist you with your Branch elections. Please contact ESA HQ at +1(301)731-4535 or email.

Branch Election

ESA headquarters now provides electronic election support for ESA Branches throughout the year. ESA uses VoteNet (eBallots), a seamless electronic voting tool, offering Branches an   , off effective way to facilitate their elections. There is no cost to the Branch for this service, but ESA HQ needs at least 10 working days to set up the ballot and test all details before opening the election up to voters.  

When submitting your election request, please include the following required information:

•    Title/name of election
•    Date and time the voting should open
•    Date and time the voting should close
•    When and if you would like results to be available
•    Candidate names: first and last name
•    List of position(s) or/and question(s)
•    Parameters for voter list for each election (i.e. all Branch members, just Branch student members, etc.)

If applicable, provide bios and photos for each candidate.

Please contact the Elections Manager for any of your election needs.

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