Know Before You Go: ICE 2016

September 7, 2016
2 p.m. EDT

You have made the commitment to go to ICE 2016, now ensure that you will have the best time possible. Tips on planning the best experience include: what not to miss; how to plan your schedule in advance; what to bring; what to wear; and how to take advantage of the networking opportunities available to meet the right people. This is a not-to-be-missed webinar event for ICE 2016 attendees!



About our Speakers:

Kyndall C. Dye works in Houston, TX conducting mosquito surveillance and research at Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services. She is helping the county and state prepare for potential future arboviral outbreaks and protecting the people of Harris County from mosquito-borne diseases. Kyndall completed her Masters Degree in Medical Entomology from the University of Kentucky, where her project focused on analyzing mosquito flight behavior after exposure to a synthetic pyrethroid. Currently, Kyndall serves as the Chair of the ESA Student Affairs Committee.

Participants will learn:

  • What to expect at an International Congress of Entomology meeting and what student events and activities will be offered.


José Paulo is a PhD graduate student at São Paulo State University in Botucatu, Brazil. His research focuses on intraguild competition of noctuids and he will defend his dissertation this summer. In his undergraduate and master’s programs, he worked on host plant resistance. José was also a founding partner of a plant protection company.

Participants will learn:

  • What is in the Orlando area. 
  • Take advantage of the tours and other value-added events. 
  • Coming in from another country? How to make your trip hassle-free. 


Travis J. Prochaska is a North Dakota based Crop Protection Specialist with North Dakota State University Extension. He works with areas growers to keep them up to date with the latest entomological information that may be vital to protecting their cropping systems. Travis holds a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where his studies focused on host plant resistance in switchgrass against greenbug and yellow sugarcane aphid. Currently, he serves as the chair of ESA’s Student Transition and Early Professional Committee.

Participants will learn:

  • How to network among your peers and how to plan in advance of ICE 2016.

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