MUVE Section Initiatives

According to the ESA Bylaws, the ESA Sections are empowered and charged with developing and implementing the "key capabilities for their membership that result in: outreach related to science and public policy, program development, continuing education, and fostering interest in entomology." This page highlights efforts made toward achieving those goals.

  • MUVE members Dr. Donald Yee (University of Southern Mississippi) and Dr. Joel Hutcheson (USDA-APHIS) will speak as part of the ESA Grand Challenges Symposium during the 2017 Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. This symposium brings together all Sections of ESA to address how each Section has advanced the science for detection and management of invasive species, and how these achievements are communicated to the public. 
  • MUVE leadership recently emailed a link to a survey to determine areas of priority for members of the Section. The results, which will be part of a broader discussion at the final business meeting in Denver, showed that a primary role that MUVE members want the Section to fulfill is that of coordinating scientific outreach and engagement to the public and policy makers. A secondary role is that of advocating for additional medical, veterinary, and urban faculty and federal research positions, as well as increased funding for applied and field-oriented research to maintain U.S. capabilities to manage important arthropod pests. ESA-MUVE unites entomologists to improve public and animal health, and our human environment. But how do we accomplish this Mission Statement? Prior to attending the Annual Meeting in Denver, MUVE members are encouraged to think about some goals that the membership of MUVE may collectively work toward over the next few years. We want to hear your ideas!

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