National Sales Manager - Hercon Environmental

Hercon Environmental was founded in 1974 to develop, manufacture, and commercialize environmentally compatible products to combat major insect pests in agricultural, forestry, industrial/utility, professional pest management, and home & garden markets. Hercon has remained a leader in the introduction of novel products to monitor and control insect pests utilizing non-toxic/low toxicity insect pheromones, attractants and repellents, and low risk insecticides. Hercon's proprietary laminated polymer controlled-release technology has proven ideal for the formulation of these active agents into effective products for use in such diverse applications as control of gypsy moth populations in forests, detection of boll weevil invasions in cotton, prevention of insect infestations in telecommunications and utility equipment, and elimination of mosquitoes in public and residential settings.

Job Summary: Responsible for sales and marketing of Hercon Environmental ( business segment.

Reports To: Vice President of Operations

Specific Duties:

  1. Set and monitor quarterly/annual sales goals and objectives for accounts.
  2. Choose, co-coordinate, and manage industry trade shows/meetings.
  3. Work with R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing to develop and market new products.
  4. Achieve a high-visibility presence in and maintain an active awareness of the market.
  5. Develop effective relationships and maintain close contact with principal customers and leading purchase decision influencers.
  6. Develop and maintain relationships with key contacts in government and academic circles to facilitate Hercon’s sales and product development goals.
  7. Assist in determining the most attractive product offering to meet market needs within economic and technical constraints.
  8. Set product prices which capture full value within competitive limits and which provide maximum profit generation.
  9. Provide timely forecasts of business unit sales requirements based on customer inputs and marketplace knowledge
  10. Resolve customer complaints fairly and expeditiously.
  1. Prepare and manage sales budget for business segment.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 5-10 years experience in the industry. Previous technical sales experience preferred. Thorough knowledge of environmentally compatible insect monitoring and insect control products is preferred - including customers, products, trends, pricing and distribution networks. The ability to work with a wide variety of "internal" and "external" customers, the ability to bring products and markets from conception to completion, and excellent communication skills are required to be successful in this position.

Working Conditions: 40% travel. Be able to work with chemicals, pesticides and be able to walk in rough terrain (orchards, forests, etc.) 

Education Required: BS in Agricultural Science, Forestry, Biology or a related science.


Job Type: 
Job Listing Expiration: 
60 Days
Company Name: 
Hercon Environmental
Name of Contact Person: 
Sharon Sahd
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