July 2014 North Central Branch President's Letter

2014 NCB-ESA Meeting
The 69th annual meeting of the NCB-ESA was held March 9-12, 2014 in Des Moines, IA. President Sue Blodgett presided over the meeting which was attended by 354 registered participants and 9 guests. Special thanks to Sue, Program Committee Chair Matt O’Neal, and Local Arrangements Chair Erin Hodgson for an outstanding meeting. The 11 jam-packed symposia covered a variety of topics including IPM, citizen science,stink bug invaders, forest entomology, pollinators, engaging the public, insect rearing and sourcing, agro ecology, resistance, western corn rootworm, and global change. Shout outs also go to all the judges, moderators, presenters & committee members that helped make this meeting a success. The winning wines: Nebraska won for best tasting white and Minnesota won for best tasting red.

March NCB Election Results:
President-elect: Dr. Luis Canas, The Ohio State University
Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. Jeff Bradshaw, Univ. of Nebraska
Executive committee at large: Dr. Jennifer White, Univ. of Kentucky
NCB rep to ESA Governing Board: Dr. Gary Brewer, Univ. of Nebraska
Mark Your Calendar:

The 2015 NCB-ESA meeting will be May 31 - June 3 in Manhattan, KS. In early March, Local Arrangement chair David Margolies, Program Chair Amit Sethi, and I toured potential hotels and conference facilities. Several contracts have been signed including host hotel Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan and Manhattan Conference Center, the Fairfield Inn to provide overflow rooms, and with Confex for handling registrations & talk submissions. The newly renovated hotels & facilities are located downtown within easy walking distance to dining, entertainment & shopping. Watch the NCB website for meeting updates later this summer.
Linnaean Games Committee 
Committee Chair Dan Young is looking for one or two new members. Key needs are for a PBT member with Toxicology expertise and for a graduate student who won’t be on a Linnaean games team. Must be able to provide questions as well as be able to attend the Manhattan meeting. Contact Dan if you are interested.
Special thanks to Wyatt Hoback for his tenure as Games Master. He’s handing over the mike to Deane Jorgenson who brings with her experience on the National ESA Linnaean games committee.
 - Paula Davis, NCB-ESA President
Congratulations to all the 2014 NCB award winners!
NCB Branch Award Winners
C.V. Riley Achievement - Award Dr. Fred Baxendale
Recognition Award in Entomology - Dr. James Campbell
Award of Excellence in IPM - Dr. John Wise
Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension - Dr. Deborah McCullough
Distinguished Achievement Award in Horticultural - Dr. Daniel Herms
NCB Education Project Awards
Extension Bulletin: “Ohio Bee Identification Guide”, Scott Projzner & Mary Gardner
Education Outreach: “The Bug House”, Doug Landis, Gary Parsons, & Jennifer Verba
Citizen Science: “The Bees’ Needs”, Virginia Scott & Alex Rose
NCB Student Award winners
J.H. Comstock Graduate Student Award - Michael McCarville (ISU)
Graduate Student Scholarship Award - Lauren Diepenbrock, (Univ. MO)
B.S. Poster - 1st Jaclyn Eichele (NDSU), 2nd Scout Wilson (U. of NE Kearney), 3rd Megan Harrison (ISU)
M.S. Poster - 1st Kayla Perry (OSU), 2nd Audra Stonefish (NDSU), 3rd Leticia Serpa (U of NE Kearney)
Ph.D. Poster - 1st Amy Morey (U of Minn.), 2nd Dinesh Erram (K-State), 3rd Scott Prajzner (OSU)
B.S. Paper - 1st Kate Russell (ISU), 2nd Anna Muncy (UK), 3rd Adrianne Pursley (U. of NE. Kearney)
M.S. Paper (SysEB, MUVE, PBT) - 1st Michael Rausch (ISU), 2nd Mark Demkovich (U of IL), 3rd Travis Calkins (OSU)
M.S. Paper (P-IE) - 1st David Ingber (ISU), 2nd Abiya Saeed (UK), 3rd Camila de Oliveira (U of NE)
Ph.D. Paper (PBT) - 1st Aaron Gross (ISU), 2nd Michael Goblirsch (U of MN), 3rd Carolina Camargo (U of NE)
Ph.D. Paper (P-IE, 1) - 1st Theresa Cira (U of MN), 2nd Michael McCarville (ISU), 3rd Mike W. Dunbar (ISU)
Ph.D. Paper (P-IE, 2) - 1st Anthony McMechan (U of NE), 2nd Adam Varenhorst (ISU), 3rd R.J. Pretorius (U of NE)
Ph.D. Paper (SysEB, MUVE) - 1st Qian Sun (UK), 2nd Lisa Fraser (ISU), 3rd Edmund Norris (ISU)
Linnaean Games
1st place: Univ. of Nebraska
Alister Bryson, Kyle Koch, Wayne Ohnesorg, Johan Pretorius
2nd place: Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Natalie Hernandez, Scott Larson, Joliene Lindholm, Jessica Mayry