February 2015 North Central Branch President's Letter

Paula Davis, NCB-ESA President

Paula Davis, NCB-ESA President

NCB-ESA Elections
We have 4 excellent nominees for the 2 open positions on the Executive Committee. Polls will be open February 16 to March 6, 2015. Watch your email for specific online voting instructions. Your vote is important!
President-Elect Nominees:
  • Dr. John Ruberson, Kansas State University
  • Dr. Linda Mason, Purdue University

Member-At-Large Nominees:

  • Dr. Marc Fisher, Dow Agrosciences
  • Dr. Deane Jorgensen, Syngenta Crop Protection
NCB Branch Meeting News
I invite you to attend the 2015 NCB-ESA meeting on May 31 - June 3 at the Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan & Manhattan Conference Center in Manhattan, KS. Program Chair Amit Sethi, Local Arrangements Chair David Margolies and their respective committees are hard at work preparing and finalizing plans. The program features eleven meeting symposia, a welcome reception at the Flint Hills Discovery Center, Linnaean games, Insect Photo Salon, student mixer, Awards Banquet, as well as optional tours to Konza Prairie and Insect Zoo. 
Key dates:                                                              Open/Close
     Early-bird registration                                       Feb. 16 to April 30
     Student competition posters/10-min papers     Feb. 16 to March 16
     Regular membership posters/10-min papers   Feb. 16 to March 16
     Triplehorn Challenge displays                          Feb. 16 to March 16
     Linnaean games sign up                                  Feb. 16 to March 30
For further information on meeting registration, hotel information, Konza Prairie tour sign up, Linnaean games, symposia topics, and submission links for posters/papers/Triplehorn Challenge displays, go to 2015 NCB-ESA Meeting.
Need a meeting room? Contact David Margolies by March 15 with your special space needs while at the NCB-ESA meeting.
Moderators & Judges needed: Numerous volunteers are needed to serve as judges and moderators. Contact Amit Sethi if you are interested in moderating regular or student competition paper sessions. Contact Jason Harmon if you are interested in judging and if you prefer judging posters or 10-minute talks. 
Call for NCB Branch Awards
Awards submissions will be accepted from February 16 to March 16, 2015. Many of our awards have moved to online submissions. See specific requirements and submission instructions for each award at North Central Branch Awards
Student Awards: Online submission only.
  • NCB Student Travel Awards: $250 travel grants for 20 graduate students and up to 5 undergraduates. Must present a student competition paper, student competition poster or have a Triplehorn Challenge display. 
  • NCB-Graduate Student Scholarship
  • J.H. Comstock Award

NCB-ESA Honorary Awards: Online submission only.

  • C.V. Riley
  • NCB Award of Merit

NCB-ESA Professional Awards: Online submission only. Consider nominating a deserving entomologist for one of six NCB-ESA Professional Awards. Winners will serve as our Branch nominee for teh respective national ESA award.

  • NCB-ESA Recognition Award in Entomology
  • NCB-ESA Award of Excellence in Integrated Pest Management
  • NCB-ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension
  • NCB-ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching
  • NCB-ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Horticultural Entomology
  • NCB-ESA Recognition Award in Urban Entomology

Educational Project (BCE): See mailing instructions. Categories include, but are not limited to: News Articles, Extension Bulletins, Special Events, Workshops, PowerPoint Presentations, Videos, Computer Programs, Website, Books, Class Outlines or Product Literature.

Paula Davis
NCB-ESA President