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Entomology 2014 Portland Commemorative Annual Meeting Poster
The poster is a colorful, original, signed, and numbered silk-screened print -- a true collector's item.

Insect Pest Handbooks
Each handbook covers groups of pests associated with specific commodities and habitats.

Thomas Say Publications in Entomology
These books include taxonomic works and selected symposia proceedings.

Discover Entomology
This 12-page color brochure explains why studying insects is important for agriculture, medicine, forestry, veterinary medicine, human health, criminology, ecology, and other topics. A perfect hand-out for science festivals, bug fests, and insectpaloozas.

ACE Certification Merchandise
Those who have attained Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) certification can purchase additional copies of the ACE pin, decal, and uniform patch in the bookstore under "Merchandise".