ESA Section Leadership Resources

As you embark on your leadership year, ESA HQ has compiled this user-friendly toolkit. This guide will not only familiarize you with your upcoming roles and responsibilities, but it also details the resources available to you from ESA HQ to make your leadership year effective, efficient and enjoyable. Acquaint yourself with the contents and refer back to them throughout your administration.

Who do I call...

Becky Anthony serves as the primary ESA Headquarters point of contact for Branch and Section leaders and is available to assist you on all matters. Please contact her at +1(301)731-4535 x3018 or via email.


ESA Overview

ESA Governance

NEW - ESA Section Leaders Manual

ESA Staff Contact List

ESA Society Calendar

ESA Networks

ESA Committee General Responsibilities

ESA Certification Corporation Programs

Section Officers Rosters (MUVE, PBT, P-IE, SysEB)

ESA Annual Meeting Support

ESA Awards Program

ESA Membership 2016 Year End Report
ESA Membership 2015 Year End Report 
ESA Membership 2014 Year End Report

ESA Synomone-Quarterly News

Section Website & Communication Support

Section Finance Support

Section Election Support

Section Logos & Guidelines



  • Roberts Rules of Order Summary – This handy two-page guide explains how to operate within the boundaries of Robert’s Rules.
  • Fellman on Minutes and Graymail – This brief article outlines the right way to write minutes and highlights the risk associated with “graymail” communications among the leadership of an organization, including Section councils.

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