2011 Insect Limerick Contest Winners

More than 150 limericks were submitted for the Insect Limerick contest at Entomology 2011. The winning entries are ...

Third Place: Theodore Sumnicht, University of Arkansas

Miss Mantis heard spring’s ultimatum
So on thistle, her eggs, she did lay them
But she found them enticing
As they started ecdysing
And ever so lovingly ate them

Second Place: Richard W. Beeman, USDA-ARS

A highly fastidious bot
Grew unwell from immersion in rot.
To savor fresh greens
Was the stuff of his dreams,
But to slog through raw flesh was his lot.

First Place: Martha Lutz, Bluegrass Community College

Au Naturel Selection: Photinus meets Photuris

A firefly who was benighted
saw a light and became so excited--
he rushed to his fate
while selecting a mate:
lost his head, lost his heart, was de-lighted.

Martha Rosett Lutz, winner of the Insect Limerick Contest

Theodore Sumnicht, third place in the Insect Limerick Contest