2012 Linnaean Games

The ESA Linnaean Games are a lively question-and-answer, college bowl-style competition on entomological facts played between university-sponsored student teams. It is an important and entertaining component of the ESA Annual Meeting.

ESA Branches sends two teams each to compete at the ESA Annual Meeting each year. This year's teams include:

Eastern Branch:
- Penn State University
- Virginia Tech University
Southeastern Branch:
- University of Georgia
- University of Florida
Southwestern Branch:
- Oklahoma State University
- Texas A&M
Pacific Branch:
- University of California, Davis
- University of California, Berkeley

North Central Branch:
- University of Nebraska
- University of Wisconsin


Click here for video from the 2012 Linnaean Games Finals.

Click here for more information about the Linnaean Games, including videos and results from previous years.