2013 Fall North Central Branch President's Letter

Many of you have just returned from the national meetings in Austin, but it is not too soon to begin thinking of spring and the NCB,ESA meetings in Des Moines, March 9 – 12, 2014.  Please take a minute to record these dates in your 2014 calendar.  Matt O’Neal (ISU) is the Program Chair and Erin Hodgson (ISU) is the Local Arrangements Chair, and we and their committees have been planning an outstanding, not-to-be missed event for you.

I want to alert you to some deadlines that will be coming live on the ESA-NCB website http://www.entsoc.org/northcentral as the details are defined.

NCB Symposia for 2014 Meeting:  Beginning on November 4, 2013, please send your symposium proposals to Matt O’Neal (oneal@iastate.edu).  He has visited with a few people and already has some interest.  Please feel free to visit with him about your ideas.  There is a form on the web (and below) for the formal symposia submission.  The deadline for these proposals is December 3,2013.  Accepted symposia proposals will be contacted in December and will have until January 3, 2014 to submit their final program. Accepted symposia will also be able to request Program Enhancement Funds (PEF) for speakers who are not within the North Central Branch or whose discipline is not entomology. Limited PEF are available so please submit your symposia proposals and subsequent requests as soon as possible.

2014 North Central Branch Symposia Proposal Form
(Due December 3rd, 2013, send to oneal@iastate.edu)

1.       Title:

2.       Moderator/organizer contact information (email address, telephone/fax number, mailing address):

3.       Goal of proposed symposium (description of the topic, it’s relevance to the general meeting, the target audience, etc.):

4.       Timer required (full day, half day, shorter?):

5.       Suggested day (Sunday, Monday, Tues, Wednesday morning. Note that all student competition presentations will be scheduled on Monday):

6.       Number of speakers:

7.       Potential speakers (Please indicate if any have confirmed):

8.       Will enhancement funds be needed and if so, how much is needed:

Oral, Display and Student Competition Submissions:  Once the Confex-hosted website is available, general poster and oral presentation submissions can be made. Final submissions for all presentations will be due January 27, 2014.

NCB Awards and Call for Award Nominations:  Each year, the North Central Branch sponsors a series of branch and national awards.  Iurge each of you to consider nominating a deserving student or colleague for a branch award.  A few of the branch awards will enable students to compete and/or be recognized on the national level.   Information on how to apply/nominate can be found at the ESA Central website: http://www.entsoc.org/northcentral/ncb-awards.   The deadline is Friday January 10, 2014.

 - Sue Blodgett, NCB President
Call for Award Nominations


Opportunity to compete for some very distinguished awards will be ending soon.

Please note the following awards/scholarships “ALL” have the same 10th of January deadline.  Also, winners of some of these NCB awards will be the official branch nominee to compete at the next level for ESA and Entomological Foundation Awards.  Do not miss your chance to compete!  

NCB-ESA Recognition Award in Entomology

NCB-ESA Award of Excellence in Integrated Pest Management

NCB-ESA Recognition Award in Urban Entomology

NCB-ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension

NCB-ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching

NCB-ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Horticultural Entomology

J. H. Comstock

C. V. Riley

Educational Project (BCE)

NCB Award of Merit

NCB Graduate Student Scholarship

2013 Presidential Student Travel Scholarships

For a complete listing of NCB Awards visit http://www.entsoc.org/northcentral/ncb-awards