2016 SWB Insect Photo Salon

Photo salon submissions are being solicited for the upcoming 2016 annual meeting of the Southwestern Branch of the Entomological Society of America.


All entries must be received by 1st February 2016 (see submission section below for details).

Submission Rules
Entries must be submitted electronically. Contestants may enter up to two submissions per category. Submitted images become property of the SWB and will be posted to the website after judging. Entries must be original work created solely by the entrant. Only minor cosmetic corrections (e.g. cropping, levels adjustments, etc.) are allowed except for images submitted into the “Artistic” category (details below).

Judging and Awards
The SWB Student Affairs Committee will judge photos based on technique, aesthetic appeal, and overall impact. Winners will be announced during the meeting. Category winners will be awarded with a certificate of achievement and cash prize. A person can only win one of the categories.

All current members of the SWB ESA and/or Society of Southwestern Entomologists are eligible to compete. Winning contestants who do not attend the meeting will be notified by email and mailed their awards.


  • Traditional Macro- Macro photography of a living insect/insects, non-living insect or insect material.
  • Microphotography - Microscopic photo of living insect/insects, non-living insect or insect material (light microscope or electron microscope).
  • Arthropods in Action - Images demonstrate an action or tell a story. May be a single image or a sequence composed of up to 3 photos.
  • Artistic - Artistic photographs of insects or insect-related themes. Photo manipulation and editing may be used at the entrant’s discretion for artistic effect in this category. 

All submissions are automatically entered into the running for Best Overall Image


Images and supporting information must be submitted electronically to InsectPhotoSalon@gmail.com. Please send separate emails if submitting to more than one image category.

Image Format and Size
JPEG or TIFF formats will be accepted. Images should be of sufficient size and quality to display clearly when resized to fit within a slideshow. Files should not exceed 2 MB, and smaller attachments are gladly accepted. Very large files are unnecessary as image quality will be restricted to the maximum resolution attained in Microsoft PowerPoint and through standard projecting equipment. Please name files with your initials followed by a number (e.g. ceh1.jpeg, ceh2.jpeg).

Supporting Information
Please clearly list the following supporting information in the body of your email or in an attached document. For each photo submitted, please include these additional details:

  1. Entrant’s full name
  2. Academic or work affiliation (optional)
  3. Category (the Photo Salon subcommittee reserves the right to change the specified image category as deemed necessary)
  4. Title - may be descriptive or creative and will be displayed alongside the image whenever it is presented
  5. Brief description - Please explain your submission in no more than a sentence or two. This may include the subject (e.g. species name of insect), location, season or time of day, camera and lens used, or any other relevant information.

Please direct any questions to Carl Hjelmen of the photo salon committee at insectphotosalon@gmail.com or at cehjelmen09@tamu.edu.