2011 ESA Eastern Branch Annual Meeting

"Survival of the fittest: insuring the future of entomology"

March 18-20, 2011
Harrisburg Hilton Hotel
Harrisburg, PA

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    1. "The Plague of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug," organized by Tom Kuhar for Saturday morning.

    2. "IDEP: New Pests and New Information on Possible Foes," organized by Bob Trumbule for Sunday morning.

    3. "Teaching Entomology at Various Educational Levels: Perspectives, Techniques, and Challenges," organized by Matt Wallace for Sunday morning.

    4. "Pesticides and Pollinators," organized by David Hawthorne for Sunday morning.

    5. "Insects on Woody Plants," organized by Dan Gilrein and Melissa Fierke for Sunday afternoon.

    6. "Student Symposium: Tools of the Trade," organized by Lisa Moore for Sunday afternoon.

Student competition (oral presentations and posters) will be given on Saturday afternoon. Other submitted oral presentations are scheduled for Sunday afternoon. As in the past, oral presentations will be allocated for a total of 12 minutes each, including 2 minutes for questions. Click here to submit presentations.


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