Why should you renew your ESA membership?

Membership in ESA has been an important part of the practicing entomologist's career for over 110 years. Since our founding in 1889, we have helped to shape the world by battling pests, fostering genetic breakthroughs, increasing crop yields, and expanding the scope of insect knowledge in the United States and around the globe. ESA has evolved to become the primary source of news, knowledge, and information about the entomological sciences. We hope you will continue with us in our mission.

Strength in Numbers means that we are one unified ESA. We're not just individual Section or Branch members, Coleopterists, Dipterists, extension agents, or PhD candidates in entomology. We are ESA members. As a group, we are strong because we are a group. This is not circular logic: It is integral to the continuous nature of a membership Society. When there are more members, there are more opportunities for discussion, growth, research, learning, advocacy, diversity, camaraderie, and cohesion.










    Thank you for keeping your membership in ESA current. We rely on our members in so many ways. People join and renew for a number of different reasons. For many of our members, the financial benefits are the driving force, as each membership is valued at over $600. For others, the main reason is to support their chosen profession. Whatever reasons you have, we trust that you have found your membership to be a fulfilling experience this past year.

    If you take full advantage of what we offer, you are getting about a 6 or 7-fold return on your dues investment. Some members join and renew just to access the online journals and back issues -- their own personal online library. Some join or renew to get the discount on attending the Annual Meeting. The savings on these items alone MORE than pays for your dues.

    But the root question has been and always remains, "what does ESA mean to me?" Not to be cliché, but you get out of it what you want. If you want a resume-builder, you’ve got it. If you want to run for an office to gain leadership experience, this is your right as a member. Write, read, research, network, become certified ... all of these are yours for the asking as a member. Additionally, if there are things that we don’t currently offer that you would like to see, we would encourage you to let your Governing Board representatives know.

    We are stronger because we are a Society. We are a group of people committed to making the world a better place through our love and work with insects. Thank you for renewing your membership in ESA. We all look forward to working with you for this year and beyond.

    Membership in the Entomological Society of America is based on the calendar year and will always expire at the end of the current year. Members who are either joining or renewing at the end of the year should clearly specify which year they are applying for.


    To renew your membership with ESA, you can either:

    Complete and submit your application online via our interactive membership renewal form,

    Download a PDF version of the renewal form, or

    Complete this form to request a membership renewal application in the mail.