Pacific Branch 2012 Annual Meeting: Invitation

Greetings Pacific Branch Members, ESA members, and all with entomological interests,

With great pleasure I invite you to vibrant Portland to attend the 96th
Annual Meeting of the Pacific Branch of the Entomological Society of America to be held March 25-28, 2012 at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront. The theme of
the meeting is “Pacific Entomology: Strength in Diversity!” -- a celebration of the diversity in the west in membership, geography/climate, cropping systems and more!

The meeting will include 10 Symposia (listed below), Student Paper and Poster competitions, 10-minute talks and posters, Linnaean Games, Photo Salon  (a sequel to 2007’s Share the Fascination), and talks by the C. W. Woodworth and John Henry Comstock award winners. In addition, we are adding
the following exciting new events:

  • Plenary talk by Christopher Marley on use of insect art for increasing awareness about insects.If you are not familiar with his work, check out his “Pheromone” gallery online or in person when you visit Salem, OR.
  • A texting competition for students. Is texting 2EZ 4 U?  So how fast R U?  Can you text Latin names of insects with no spelling errors?  Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new competition!
  • Local tours to wineries/pubs. Portland is well known not just for rainy days but also for its other liquid assets, wine and beer!With 39 breweries (and counting!), it is one of the beer capitals of the world!

Details, guidelines and instructions for all meeting activities are/will be available on the PBESA website.

Please note the following deadlines:

- Paper/poster submissions (new online through Confex) - January 15, 2012
- Hotel - $ 139/night.
- Registration (new on-line through the national ESA office; early bird rates - $ 130 for regular member and $ 40 for student/Emeritus/Guest) - January 15, 2012;

Sujaya Rao President PBESA

Symposia - please contact organizers if you’d like to participate in any symposium. Also, if you have ideas for additional symposia, please contact Program Chair, Allison Walston.

  1. Student symposium - Fifty Years Since Silent Spring! (Christina Mogren, UC Riverside,, and Amber Vinchesi, WSU,
  2. Social Media, Smart Devises and Other New Gizmos in Extension and Teaching (Vince Jones, WSU,
  3. Bugs without Borders: New Invasive Pests in the West. (Vaughn Walton, OSU,
  4. Old Pests and New Pests of Western Specialty Crops (Silvia Rondon, OSU,, and Brian Bret, Dow AgroSciences,
  5. What's Bugging Ornamentals in the Pacific Northwest (Jennifer Bergh, BASF,, and Jana Lee, USDA- ARS,
  6. What’s New in Industry (Jesse Richardson, Dow AgroSciences, and Chris Clemens, Syngenta,
  7. Forest Insect Semiochemistry (Jocelyn Millar, UC Riverside,
  8. The Changing Face of Pollination in Western Agriculture (Ramesh Sagili, OSU,, and Jamie Strange, USDA-ARS, James.Strange@ARS.USDA.GOV)
  9. Water Quality and Invertebrates: Emergent Issues (Melissa Scherr, Northwest Entomological Research Center,
  10. Digital Imaging of Insects For Science, Art, and Hobby (Jeff Miller, OSU,

Organization Committee Chairs(please contact the following for questions related to the 2012 PBESA Meeting):