Annals - Volume 91 Number 6 November 1998

Annals of the Entomological Society of America
Volume 91 Number 6
November 1998


Randomization Tests: Example Using Morphological Differences in Aphis gossypii (Homoptera: Aphididae).
T. A. Ebert, W. S. Fargo, B. Cartwright, and F. R. Hall . . . . 761


Long Sections of Mitochondrial DNA Amplified from Fourteen Orders of Insects Using Conserved Polymerase Chain Reaction Primers.
R. L. Roehrdanz and M. E. Degrugillier . . . . 771

Genus Schoettella (Collembola: Hypogastruridae) with Description of a New Species from Mexico and Key for Identification.
Jos G. Palacios-Vargas and Gabriela Castao-Meneses . . . . 779

Taxonomy of Philopterus (Phthiraptera: Philopteridae) from the Corvidae (Passeriformes), with Descriptions of Nine New Species.
Roger D. Price and Ronald A. Hellenthal . . . . 782

Additional Information on Male and Female Genitalia of Parabrochymena Lariviere and Brochymena Amyot & Serville (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae).
Imtiaz Ahmad and J. E. McPherson . . . . 800

Ecology and Population Biology

Survival of the Polyembryonic Parasitoid Copidosomopsis tanytmema (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) in Envenomized Larvae of its Host Anagasta kuehniella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).
Todd E. Katzner and Yolanda P. Cruz . . . . 808

First Results in the Use of the Sterile Insect Technique Against Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Homoptera: Aleyroididae) in Greenhouses.
Maurizio Calvitti, Patrizio Claudio Remotti, Angelo Pasquali, and Ugo Cirio . . . . 813

Arthropod Biology

Reproductive Status of Some Overwintering Domestic Flies (Diptera: Muscidae and Calliphoridae) with Forensic Implications.
Bernard Greenberg . . . . 818

Ecological Evidence for Diapause in Four Native and One Exotic Species of Larval-Pupal Fruit Fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) Parasitoids in Tropical Environments.
Martn Aluja, Maurilio Lpez, and John Sivinski . . . . 821

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology

Biochemical Mechanisms of Malathion Resistance in Indian Anopheles culicifacies (Diptera: Culicidae) Sibling Species A, B, and C: Microplate Assays and Synergistic Studies.
K. Raghavendra, Sarala K. Subbarao, M.K.K. Pillai, and V. P. Sharma . . . . 834

Female Sex Pheromone in Callosobruchus subinnotatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae): Production and Male Responses.
Shengqiang Shu, George N. Mbata, and Sonny B. Ramaswamy . . . . 840

Morphology, Histology, and Fine Structure

Horn Dimorphism of Allomyrina dichotoma septentrionalis (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Affected by Larval Nutrition.
Yutaka Iguchi . . . . 845

Stridulatory Apparatus of Piesma Le Peletier & Serville (Hemiptera: Piesmatidae).
Narisu, Jorigtoo, Carl W. Schaefer, and Jeffrey A. Lockwood . . . . 848

Transformation from the Pupal to Adult Wing in Oidaematophorus hirosakianus (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae).
Akihiro Yoshida, Yutaka Arita, Yositaka Sakamaki, Kazuo Watanabe, and Ryuji Kodama . . . . 852


Pontania proxima (Tenthredinidae: Hymenoptera): Natural Enemies and Defensive Behavior Against Pnigalio nemati (Eulophidae: Hymenoptera).
Zuhair Y. Al-Saffar and John C. Aldrich . . . . 858

Sexual Behavior of Acanthocephala declivis guatemalana (Hemiptera: Coreidae) and the Allometric Scaling of their Modified Hind Legs.
William G. Eberhard . . . . 863

Factors Affecting Pheromone Production and Behavioral Responses by Prostephanus truncatus (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae).
Dagmar Scholz, Atti Tchabi, Richard H. Markham, Hans-Michael Poehling, and Christian Borgemeister . . . . 872

Host-Finding, Host-Recognition, and Host-Acceptance Behavior of Cephalonomia tarsalis (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae).
Ralph W. Howard, Marlene Charlton, and Ralph E. Charlton . . . . 879

Book Reviews

The Evolution of Social Behavior in Insects and Arachnids. Jae C. Choe and Bernard J. Crespi [eds.].
Reviewed by Laurence Packer . . . . 890

The Butterflies of Costa Rica and Their Natural History, Volume II: Riodinidae. Philip J. DeVries.
Reviewed by Susan J. Weller . . . . 892

Insects of the Yukon. H. V. Danks and J. A. Downes [eds.].
Reviewed by Richard S. Zack . . . . 893

Genetics Manual: Current Theory, Concepts, Terms. George P. Redei.
Reviewed by James N. Thompson, Jr. . . . . 894

Revision of the Nearctic Species of the Genus Lygus Hahn with a Review of the Palaearctic Species (Heteroptera: Miridae). Michael D. Schwartz and Robert G. Foottit.
Reviewed by Carl W. Schaefer . . . . 895