North Central Branch - Student Opportunities

North Central Branch - Student Opportunities

ESA-NCB Student Affairs Committee Members

Committee Description: Student Affairs Committee is limited to NCB-ESA members defined as students by ESA. Members of the SAC include a Chair, Vice-Chair, Presiding third member, and three at-large members.

Duration of the position: Terms are for two years.

Responsibilities: To promote the well-being of students in the branch and organize program sessions necessary to facilitate student involvement in the branch activities and education.

Responsibilities with the committee

1.      Chair:

a.      Serve as a full voting member of the NCB-ESA Executive committee

b.      Act as a liaison between NCB-ESA officers and students

c.      Maintain contact with student representatives in each department within the Branch

d.      Initiate interaction among NCB-ESA students

e.      Propose and finalize a yearly agenda of operations for the SAC

f.        Delegate activities to other SAC members

2.  Vice-Chair

a.      Assist and substitute for the chair as needed

b.      Provide chair with student nominees for NCB-ESA and ESA committees

3.  Presiding Third Member

a.      Assist chair and vice-chair including substituting for the chair and vice-chair as needed. The usual progression is for the Presiding Third Member to assume the position of Vice-Chair when a vacancy arises. 

b.      Serve on and act as SAC representative to other NCB-ESA committees as appointed by chair

c.      Act as secretary at committee meetings

4.  At-large Members

a.      Assist in student governance and setting agenda

b.      Serve on and act as SAC representative to other NCB-ESA committees as appointed by the chair

c.      Serve as liaison between the Student Affairs Committee and other students

d.      Assist in nominating a student to replace you when your term is finished

e.      Advocate for student and NCB-ESA interests

Benefits: This is an opportunity to help develop and polish professional skills that can be referenced on your C.V.

Nominated by: Interested parties should contact the branch president or the chair of the student affairs committee.

Appointed by: ESA-NCB President