Southeastern Branch - Student Opportunities

Southeastern Branch - Student Opportunities

ESA-SEB Student Affairs Committee Member

Committee Description: Student Affairs Committee shall consist of one student member from each state and one member from territories outside the U.S specified by ESA branch listing.  Visit to see listing.
Duration of the position: 2 year position
Responsibilities: To promote the well‑being of students in the Branch and organize program sessions necessary to facilitate student involvement in branch activities and education. 

Responsibilities with the Committee:

1.  Organization and administration of a Student Symposium, conducted at the Annual Meeting of the SEB‑ESA.

a.   Suggested guidelines for the Student Symposium Chair:

                                  i.     Choose topic and format of symposium at Committee session during SEB‑ESA Meeting (March).

                                  ii.     Contact journal to publish symposium proceedings (preferably a journal from within the Branch region) and arrange for payment of publication charges (suggestions: departments, journal, Society) (March‑April).

                                  iii.     Issue call for papers to all students in SEB‑ESA and establish deadline for submission of  manuscripts (April‑May).

                                 iv.     Review manuscripts and choose symposium participants (September).

                                  v.     Notify Program Chair of symposium participants and titles (September‑October).

                                 vi.     Moderate symposium at Branch Meeting (March).

                                vii.     Oversee publication of proceedings (following spring).

2.   Organization and administration of the SEB‑ESA Linnaean Games Competition, held at the Annual Meeting of the SEB‑ESA.

a.      Suggested guidelines for the Linnaean Games chair (Former team member is recommended):

                                  i.     Locate prospective judges and game moderator (Jan-Feb.).

                                 ii.     Request questions from schools (August‑October).

                                iii.     Incorporate new questions into SEB question file (November).

                                 iv.     Select game questions and submit questions to judges and moderator for review. Work with Local Arrangements Committee (usually through Student Affairs Committee chair) to get appropriate set‑up at meeting (October‑December).

                                 v.     Submit Branch questions to national moderator for National games (November‑December).

                                 vi.     Coordinate awards and team name tags. Committee Chair shall be responsible for procurement of Linnaean Team award plaques and insuring that traveling trophy is brought to the meeting. Arrange for two scorekeepers and one timekeeper to work the competition (January‑February).

                               vii.     At the SEB‑ESA Meeting, coordinate review session with game moderator and judges. Select pairings of teams and post schedule for competition. Present awards to winning team, judges and moderator at awards luncheon.

                               viii.     Incorporate changes of game questions into master file and change question status to "used" for future reference.

                                ix.     Distribute copy of game questions to all participating teams for future reference.

                                 x.     Update Linnaean Games Hall of Fame at the SEB and National Level and include names of individuals participating on winning teams. Updated materials should be given to President‑Elect of the SEB‑ESA for the following year.

3.   Organization and administration of an Insect Photo Salon if needed, conducted at the Annual Meeting of the SEB‑ESA.

a.   Chair of the Insect Photo Salon, if held, should contact the Photography Society of America for suggested guidelines

4.     Organization of Job Placement Room at SEB‑ESA Annual Meeting.

a.     Suggested guidelines for the Job Placement Room

                                  i.     Job Placement room awareness reminder to be included in the annual SEB‑ESA mahout. This will serve as a reminder to post employment opportunities for those who have jobs to offer and to prepare resumes for those seeking employment.

                                 ii.     Coordinate room availability and set‑up (tables, poster space, etc.) at the SEB meeting with Local Arrangement Committee Chairman.

Benefits: This is an opportunity to help develop and polish professional skills that can be referenced on your C.V.
Nominated by:  University Department Heads for the various states, interested parties should contact their department head.

Appointed by:ESA-SEB President

ESA-SEB Student Affairs Committee Chair

Duration of the position: 1 year position
Responsibilities: Coordinate committee activities with the Chairs of the Program and Local Arrangements Committees.

1.   With department heads and students in the designated department, recommend names of potential members to the President for appointment to this Committee. Committee Members are duly notified by the President of the SEB‑ESA.

2.   Coordinate the committee meeting that takes place during Branch Annual Meeting.  During that meeting:

a.      A new chair established (from state where the next meeting is to be held)

b.     Discuss student symposium topic and format

c.      Select Chairs for the Linnaean Games and Photo Salon

3.   Written communication from Chair to Members to formalize duties and responsibilities (March‑April).

4.   Communicate with members during the year to assist with projects.

5.   Oversee Student Affairs Committee events at SEB ESA Meeting.

6.   Present report on Committee's activities at the Final Business Meeting of the SEB ESA. Provide written report for inclusion in minutes.

Benefits: This is an opportunity to help develop and polish professional skills that can be referenced on your C.V.
Appointed by and Contact person:  Chair of the Student Affairs Committee is the representative from the state where the branch meeting will be held.

Membership Committee - Student Member (Optional position – no student position is currently established)

Duration of the position: 3 year position (Terms shall be arranged such that no more than four members are appointed in any one year.)

Responsibilities: To actively solicit new members for the Branch, and new members and sustaining associates for the Entomological Society of America.  The Membership Committee is responsible for all phases of membership development and retention, and will utilize as a guide the "Guide for ESA Membership Committees," developed by the Membership Committee of the Entomological Society of America. The Committee will work closely with the National Committee, and with the National Headquarters, to solicit ideas, information, brochures, membership lists, application forms, etc., to increase the membership of the branch. Active recruitment of new members requires dissemination of applications and information about the Society, working with institutions such as other entomological societies, National Pest Control Association, universities, colleges and experiment stations, government organizations, and industries where entomologists are employed.

Benefits: This is an opportunity to meet new people and develop professional skills that can be referenced on your C.V.
Appointed by and Contact person: ESA-SEB President

Local Arrangements Committee - Student Member (Recommended position– not required or currently filled)

Duration of the position: 1 year position (Should be a representative from the state where the branch meeting will be held)

Responsibilities: Assist with ensuring availability of sufficient rooms for submitted paper and symposium sessions. Help organize special functions and activities.  Make sure audio/ visual equipment is available and managed during the meeting. 

Benefits: This is an opportunity to meet new people and develop professional skills that can be referenced on your C.V.
Appointed by and Contact person:  Local Arrangements Committee Chair

Each year there are a variety of opportunities to volunteer during the meeting, if interested contact your Local Arrangements Chair. 

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