Student Entomology Clubs

Please select from the university student entomological clubs, which are listed alphabetically by institution:

Entomology Students Network

Arizona State University -- Bugs at ASU

Auburn University -- F.S. Arant Entomology Club

Clemson University -- Clemson Entomology Club

Colorado State University -- Gillette Entomology Club

Cornell University -- Jugatae Graduate Student Club

Cornell University -- Snodgrass and Wigglesworth Undergraduate Entomology Club

Iowa State University -- Entomology Club

Kansas State University -- Popenoe Entomology Club

Louisiana State University -- Entomology Club

Michigan State University -- Graduate and Undergraduate Entomology Student Society

Montana State University -- R.A. Cooley Entomology Club

New Mexico State University -- Entomology Club

North Carolina State University -- Entomology Graduate Student Association

North Dakota State University -- Entomology Club

Ohio State University -- Chrysalis Student Club (undergraduate)

Oklahoma State University -- Sanborn Entomological Society

Oregon State University -- Bug Zoo Club

Pennsylvania State University -- Entomology Graduate Student Association

Purdue University -- Thomas Say Entomological Society (undergrad)

Purdue University -- Entomology Graduate Organization

Rutgers University -- Graduate Entomology Student Association

San Jose State University -- John Henry Comstock Entomology Club

Texas A&M University -- Entomology Graduate and Undergraduate Student Organizations

University of Arkansas -- Iseley-Baerg Entomology Club

University of California-Davis -- Entomology Club

University of California-Riverside -- Entomology Graduate Student Association

University of Central Florida -- Entomological Society of Central Florida

University of Delaware -- Entomology Club

University of Florida -- Entomology Club

University of Florida -- Entomology and Nematology Student Organization

University of Florida -- Urban Entomological Society

University of Georgia -- H.O. Lund Entomology Club

University of Idaho -- Aldrich Entomology Club

University of Illinois -- Entomology Graduate Student Association

University of Kentucky -- Harrison Garman Entomology Club

University of Maryland - Entomology Student Organization

University of Minnesota -- Frenatae

University of Missouri -- C.V. Riley Entomological Society

University of Nebraska-Lincoln -- Bruner Entomology Club

University of Wisconsin -- Graduate and Undergraduate Entomology Clubs

Virginia Tech -- W.B. Alwood Entomological Society

Washington State University -- Entomology Club