Report From the June 2023 ESA Governing Board Meeting

June 27, 2023

The Governing Board met June 12-13 in National Harbor, Maryland. During the meeting, the Board approved:

  • The nominations of two Honorary Members;
  • The class of 2023 Fellows; and
  • The class of 2023 Science Policy Fellows.

The Board also took the following actions:

  • Approved the Audit Committee’s report;
  • Approved a change in process for how Science Policy Fellows are accepted annually;
  • After receiving a presentation from ESA’s new investment advisors, approved changes to the Investment Policy Statement;
  • Approved the Publication Council’s report, which included two motions: one to revise the Society’s publications ethics guidelines and one to modify the second term length of one current journal editor-in-chief; 
  • Approved one new common name recommended by the Common Names of Insects and Related Organisms Committee; and
  • Approved the minutes from recent cyber votes and the March Board meeting.

The Board also discussed:

  • Planning for the 2023 Annual Meeting in National Harbor, Maryland;
  • Board member roles and responsibilities as they relate to work with committees and the executive director;
  • The work of the Education Task Force, which had sought the Board’s guidance on strategy setting for its charge, in response to which the Board recommended the task force develop a pilot program to further explore and validate needs of members whose work focuses on education;
  • Strategy setting for the Society’s publications and DEI departments; 
  • Activity associated with the Biodiversity Task Force;
  • The near-term and longer-term future of the ESA Annual Meeting, including several potential partnerships with related societies; 
  • Clarifying expectations for ESA committees and constituent groups as part of the semi-annual reporting process;
  • The process by which nominations for high office (vice president-elect and treasurer) are managed; and
  • Federal science funding and ESA’s relationship with the various agencies with which we regularly interact.

The ESA Governing Board also convened as the ESA Certification Corporation Governing Board. The Board reviewed the certification program’s 2023 performance, discussed recent strategic efforts, approved the acquisition of a learning management system, and approved the minutes from the prior meeting. 

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Minutes from past Governing Board meetings are available online following Governing Board approval.

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