Report From the November 2023 ESA Governing Board Meeting

November 14, 2023

The Governing Board met in National Harbor, Maryland, prior to the start of the 2023 Annual Meeting. During the meeting, the Board took the following actions:

  • Approved the 2024 budget.
  • Approved minor modifications to the ESA Policy Manual, which mostly focused on the publications enterprise.
  • Selected the site for the 2028 ESA Annual Meeting, but rejected a related motion that would have also selected the city for the 2032 ESA Annual Meeting (city to be announced once contracts are completed).
  • Supported the recommendation from the Common Names of Insects Committee to select the name of hibiscus bud weevil as a common name for Anthonomus testaceosquamosus.
  • Approved a new standard operating procedure (SOP) manual for use by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.
  • Approved a motion from the Awards and Honors Committee to encourage the Sections and Branches to follow the Society-level awards review process.
  • Approved reports from the Branches, Sections, and a variety of committees as well as the September Governing Board and October Executive Committee meeting minutes.

The Board also:

  • Reconfirmed the existing strategy of seeking opportunities to support and convene more meetings in the entomological sciences.
  • Discussed the changing nature of academia and explored some of the impacts it may have on the Society in the years to come.
  • Reviewed and approved progress on the 2023–2025 strategic plan.
  • In an effort to develop a consistent level of engagement, discussed the need for a unifying strategy on how, when, or if the Society issues statements on issues or topics that do not directly relate to entomology. After considerable discussion, the Board tasked staff to develop a recommendation for review at a future meeting.
  • Received an update from the Publications Council and department about progress toward developing an RFP as the Society nears the terminus of its current contract with Oxford University Press.
  • In executive session, conducted the annual review of the executive director.
  • Acknowledged and thanked the work of outgoing Board members Jessica Ware and John Ruberson and congratulated Melissa Siebert on her election as incoming vice-president elect.

The ESA Governing Board also convened as the ESA Certification Corporation Governing Board. During that portion of the meeting, the Board:

  • Approved the 2024 Certification Corporation budget.
  • Discussed the need for strategic principles for the corporation.
  • Received updates on the certification program’s 2023 performance.
  • Approved the minutes from the prior meeting.

Following that, the 2024 ESA Governing Board convened and welcomed incoming Board members Mary Gardiner and Rob Morrison. President Henke provided a preview of her goals for 2024, including the charges she hopes to direct to the various ESA committees. Andrew Short and Erika Machtinger were elected to the Executive Committee as at-large members. The 2024 SOP manual for the Board was approved.

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