Letter from the North Central and Southwestern Branch Presidents


Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation after our postponement of the 2020 NCB/SWB Joint meeting.  After further discussion, NCB, SWB and ESA leadership have made additional decisions and want to provide more information to our members: 

The 2020 Student Competition will be held virtually April 20-24:

  • Only students that submitted presentations or posters will be eligible in this competition
  • Presentation and poster grouping will remain the same as in the program, with the same assigned judges
  • Any students or judges not able to participate should contact Mark Asplen (mark.asplen@metrostate.edu) or Bonnie Pendleton (bpendleton@wtamu.edu)
  • Presentations and posters should be uploaded by April 6 (more information will be provided soon from Becky Anthony at ESA—please watch your email)
  • Judging should be completed during the week of April 20-24 (more information will be provided soon from Becky Anthony at ESA—please watch your email)
  • For students that do not have access to recording software, ESA will provide links and instructions for recording presentations 

Future Branch Meeting Dates/Other Details:

  • Our in-person 2020 Joint Meeting will be postponed until March 6-10, 2021.  We will continue our partnership with the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City, who have agreed to hold our meeting at their venue.
  • The NCB 2022 Meeting will be held at the Radisson Blu, Minneapolis MN, on March 19-24.
  • The SWB 2022 Meeting will be held at the Radisson Fort Worth, TX, on April 17-21.
  • The ESA Linnaean Games Committee will make decisions on the 2020 Games.
  • ESA recommends that the NCB and SWB provide separate, virtual business meetings over the next few weeks to update members and to transition branch leadership. Additional information regarding these meeting will be coming soon. 

We thank you for your patience as we work through the logistics of our meeting postponement while still providing the functions and services of the branch.  Please reach out to us with any questions or comments.

Andy Michel, NCB President
Molly Keck, SWB President

Dear North Central Branch and Southwestern Branch Members,

We thank you for your patience and understanding as NCB, SWB, and ESA leadership decided to postpone our joint annual meeting.  First and foremost, our goal was to maintain the health and safety of all our members, and the various stakeholders that we would interact with during our meeting, including the Insect Zoo participants and the Oklahoma City community.  Although this decision was not an easy one, we based the postponement on:

  • receiving new information regarding the continued coronavirus outbreak
  • CDC guidelines advising against travel for a significant portion of our membership
  • new restrictions on domestic travel by many universities and companies industries  
  • discussing several options with our fantastic partners at the Skirvin Hotel

We know that many of you have questions regarding the postponement that include the new meeting date, the status of the student competitions, and the logistics of the Linnaean Games.  SWB, NCB, and ESA will be providing answers to these questions in the next few weeks.  This is an unprecedented and complex event, and your leadership wants to make sure we continue to make decisions that prioritize the health, safety, and interests of all our members.

Despite the postponement, we want to give credit to the many volunteers worked extremely hard to plan this meeting. We would like to express our thanks to:

  • Program Chairs: Sonja Swiger and Kelley Tilmon
  • Local Arrangement Chairs: Ali Zarrabi, Edmond Bonjour and Rob Morrison
  • Student Competition Chairs: Bonnie Pendleton and Mark Asplen
  • ESA Staff: Becky Anthony and Rosina Romano
  • ConferenceDirect: Morgan Basham and Jennifer Kilstrup
  • All other meeting organizers and sponsors

We apologize for any inconvenience this postponement has caused but hope to see you all at future ESA Branch meetings. Please reach out Andy Michel (NCB President) and Molly Keck (SWB President) with any questions or concerns.


Andy Michel and Molly Keck

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