Presidential Committees and Task Forces

Presidential committees and task forces may be appointed as needed by the ESA President to serve during his or her term. For example, such committees may study a particular topic or develop a recommended course of action. Some presidential committees are carried forward by successive presidents, while others are active for one to a few years.

Current presidential committee and task force rosters are available for active ESA members to view:

Presidential Committee on Linnaean Games

The Linnaean Games Committee is charged with planning and running the Linnaean Games at the ESA Annual Meeting each year, with consistent rules and procedures and fair and interesting questions.

Presidential Committee on YouTube Your Entomology

The Presidential Committee on YouTube Your Entomology is charged with evaluating the submitted videos to the "YouTube Your Entomology Contest" in an impartial manner, determining rules and procedures each year, and selecting the award nominees.

Linnaean Games Task Force

In 2018, ESA received member feedback expressing concern about ESA’s student quiz competition, the Linnaean Games, being named for Carl Linnaeus in light of Linnaeus' classifications of humans, first published in 1758, that today would be viewed as scientifically inaccurate and offensive. A member task force, appointed by the ESA Governing Board in late 2018, is seeking input from Society members on their views about the name.

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