Why Join an ESA Section?

Why should you be in an ESA Section? Sections are where the real value of your ESA membership starts to take root. It is where you build and grow connections with peers and colleagues who study topics similar to yours. If you haven't joined one or more of the ESA Sections, you are not getting full value out of your membership in the Society.

ESA's four Sections are: 

Section membership is free with your ESA membership, and you can pay a nominal fee to join more than one Section if your research or work spans more than one topical area.

Join a Section, because only Section members can:

  • Be selected to win awards and scholarships given out by your Section (and only available to Section members).
  • Develop their leadership experience by participating on Section leadership and committees.
  • Participate in Section-specific talks, poster sessions, and other scientific presentations during ESA annual meetings.
  • Meet and connect through Section forums with other ESA members who have similar specialized interests.
  • Attend Section mixers and receptions at the ESA annual meeting.
  • Run for national office of the Society as a Section representative.

Update your ESA member profile now to join one today!


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