2019 ESA Governing Board

Position Name Affiliation
President Dr. Robert K. D. Peterson* Montana State University
Vice President Dr. Alvin M. Simmons* USDA-ARS
Vice President-Elect Dr. Timothy D. Schowalter* Louisiana State University
Past President Dr. Michael P. Parrella* University of Idaho
Treasurer Ms. Michelle S. Smith, BCE* Corteva Agriscience
MUVE Section Representative Dr. Chris Geden* USDA-ARS
PBT Section Representative Dr. Marianne Alleyne University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
P-IE Section Representaive Dr. Melissa Willrich Siebert Corteva Agriscience
SysEB Section Representative Dr. Jessica L. Ware* Rutgers University
Eastern Branch Representative Dr. Tracy Leskey USDA-ARS
International Branch Representative Dr. Julien Saguez Centre de Recherche sur les grains, Inc.
North Central Branch Representative Dr. Gary Brewer University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Pacific Branch Representative Dr. Douglas B. Walsh Washington State University
Southeastern Branch Representative Dr. Karla Addesso Tennessee State University
Southwestern Branch Representative Dr. Jesus Esquivel USDA-ARS
Student Representative Ms. Lina Bernaola Louisiana State University
Executive Director C. David Gammel, FASAE, CAE* Entomological Society of America
*Indicates Executive Committee Members

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