2018 ESA Governing Board

Dr. Michael P. Parrella
University of Idaho

Vice President
Dr. Robert K. Peterson
Montana State University

Vice President-Elect
Dr. Alvin M. Simmons

Past President
Dr. Susan Weller
University of Nebraska State Museum

Ms. Michelle S. Smith, BCE
Dow AgroSciences

MUVE Section Representative
Dr. Chris Geden

PBT Section Representative
Dr. Marianne Alleyne
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

P-IE Section Representative
Dr. Sujaya Rao
Oregon State University

SysEB Section Representative
Dr. Jessica L. Ware
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Eastern Branch Representative
Dr. Paula M. Shrewsbury
University of Maryland

International Branch Representative
Dr. Livy H. Williams, III

North Central Branch Representative
Dr. Gary Brewer
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Pacific Branch Representative
Dr. Douglas B. Walsh
Washington State University

Southeastern Branch Representative
Dr. Timothy D. Schowalter
Louisiana State University

Southwestern Branch Representative
Dr. David W. Ragsdale
Texas A&M University

Student Representative
Ms. Lina Bernaola
Louisiana State University

Executive Director
C. David Gammel, CAE
Entomological Society of America

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