2005 Student Competition for the President's Prize Display Presentations

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Number of Presentations Submitted

Section A 27
Section B 26
Section C 70
Section D 7
Sections E&F 42
Total 172

(Compared to 157 in 2004)


Session A1
First Place: Nathan P. Lord, University of Georgia (Poster # D0002)
Honorable Mention: Shujuan Li, Purdue University (Poster # D0004)

Session A2
First Place: Akito Y. Kawahara, University of Maryland (Poster # D0014)
Honorable Mention: James A. Korecki, Clemson University (Poster # D0019)

Session A3, D1
First Place: Joshua R. Jones, North Carolina State University (Poster # D0025)
Honorable Mention: Melissa C. Blancas, University of St. Thomas (Poster # D0029) 

Session B1
First Place: Qiang Xu, Auburn University (Poster # D0086)
Honorable Mention: Songjie Wang, University of Missouri (Poster # D0094)

Session B2
First Place: Rachael L. O'Donnell Olson, Michigan State University (Poster # D0103)
Honorable Mention: Troy D. Anderson, Kansas State University (Poster # D0098)

Session B3, Eb
First Place: Carrie F. Olson, University of Minnesota (Poster # D0106)
Honorable Mention: Xing Zhang, Virginia Tech (Poster # D0108)

Session Ca1
First Place: Maria A. Barahona Ferman, University of Idaho (Poster # D0036)
Honorable Mention: Sandra W. Woolfolk, Mississippi State University (Poster # D0041)

Session Ca2, Ce1
First Place: Kenneth P. Puliafico, University of Idaho (Poster # D0128)
Honorable Mention: Jiang (John) Chen, University of Georgia (Poster # D0125)

Session Cb
First Place: Jennifer M. Tsuruda, University of California-Davis (Poster # D0123)
Honorable Mention: Dina L. Grayson, Arizona State University (Poster # D0119)

Session Cb1, Cf1
First Place: Jessica A. Metzger, Michigan Technological University (Poster # D0151)
Honorable Mention: Christy F.L. Finlayson, University of Maine (Poster # D0155)

Session Cc, Ce2, D2
First Place: Meera Venkatesan, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Poster # D0136)
Honorable Mention: Sean M. O'Donnell, New Mexico State University (Poster # D0141)

Session Cd2, Cf2
First Place: Charles E. Koneman, Oklahoma State University (Poster # D0163)
Honorable Mention: Emily V. Saarinen, University of Florida (Poster # D0165)

Session Cd3, Cf3
First Place: Simone de Souza Prado, University of Hawaii (Poster # D0173)
Honorable Mention: Susan A. Romero, Kansas State University (Poster # D0177)

Session Cd4
First Place: Janet L. Frederick, Michigan Technological University (Poster # D0046)
Honorable Mention: Katie J. Hopp, Luther College (Poster # D0043)

Session Ea, Fb
First Place: Kenneth S. Brown, Oklahoma State University (Poster # D0077)
Honorable Mention: Poornima Jayasimha, Louisiana State University (Poster # D0078)

Session F1
First Place: Paul E. Jenkins, Michigan State University (Poster # D0181)
Honorable Mention: Christine A. Bahlai, University of Guelph (Poster # D0187)

Session F2
First Place: J. Andrew Welsman, University of Guelph (Poster # D0062)
Honorable Mention: Andrine A. Morrison, Oklahoma State University (Poster # D0058)

Session F3, Fa
First Place: Amit Sethi, University of Florida (Poster # D0073)
Honorable Mention: Susannah G. Cooper, Michigan State University (Poster # D0069


Student Competition Co-Chairs Phil Mulder and Tom Royer would like to sincerely thank the 54 judges whose hard work and dedication ensured that the display presentations for the student competition were completed with success.

Jay Bancroft Theodore A. Granovsky Bonnie B. Pendleton
Charles Barlett Maria Guadalupe-Rojas Clinton D. Pilcher
Fred Baxendale Tiffany M. Heng-Moss James F. Price
Carlos Bogran Kelli Hoover Helena Puche
Chris Carlton Phillip E. Kaufman Rosie Rosell
Raymond Carruthers Jungwook Kim Claire E. Rutledge
Michael Caterino Thomas P. Kuhar Jeff Shapiro
Amanda Chau Kirk J. Larsen Andrew Smith
Jian Chen Jeff Lord Daniel R. Suiter
Charles Chilcutt, Jr. Kenna MacKenzie David Tarpy
Andrew Chow Kelly Miller David Thompson
Katharina Dittmar De La Cruz Ross Miller Marco A. Toapanta
Sharon Dobesh Tom Miller Michael Toews
Joseph E. Eger Kevin Moulton Matt Turnbull
Deborah Finke Ben Normark Astri Wayandande
Paul Flinn Srinivas Parimi Zhimou Wen
Howard Frank Frank B. Peairs Paul Weston
Larry D. Godfrey Gwen Pearson Robert J. Wright