2006 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

2006 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

Who Won the Linnaean Games?

The University of Nebraska won the 2006 ESA Linnaean Games, with Oklahoma State University as the runner-up.

The Nebraska team was made up of Timothy Husen, Nicholas Aliano, Michael Fisher, Mathew Brust and Andre Crespo.

Oklahoma State fielded Matthew Rawlings, Greg Broussard, Andrine Morrison, Jerry Bowen and Kishan Sambaraju.

After the Closing Session, the Linnaean All Stars featuring Nebraska against the Old Timers resulted in another win for Nebraska.

Thanks to all who contributed to these spirited competitions, including the judges, time keepers, scorers, Gamesmaster Tom Turpin, Michael Merchant and the Linnaean Games Committee.

President Frank E. Gilstrap with the 2006 Linnaean Games winners (left to right) Timothy Husen, Michael Fisher, Nicholas Aliano and Mathew Brust.

President Frank E. Gilstrap with the 2006 Linnaean Games runners-up (left to right) Jerry Bowen, Greg Broussard, Andrine Morrison and Matthew Rawlings.

University of Nebraska.

Oklahoma State University.

University of California, Riverside.

North Dakota State University.