2007 Annual Meeting Closing Session Photos


  2007 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

2007 Annual Meeting Closing Session Photos

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Will Lanier, Patti Prasifka and Rayda Krell, Local Affairs and Technology Committe.

2007 Section Chairs Mark Boetel, Sharon M. Dobesh, Sandra Allan, Paul Weston, Melody Keena and Mike Caterino.

Program Committee members Wilma Aponte-Cordero, Phil Mulder, Tom Royer, Doug Johnson, Grayson Brown and Ric Bessin.

Outgoing Governing Board members Mike Culy, Phil Mulder, Carl Jones and Steve Clement.

LATC Co-Chairs Rayda Krell and Patti Prasifka, with Program Chair Bob Peterson.

2007 Secretary Sharron Quisenberry with 2007 President Scott Hutchins.

Jammin’ Entomologists—Jeff Bradshaw, Tom Perring, Karl Neidhardt and Greg Wiggins play rock, folk, country and blues at the Closing Session.

Godshen Pallipparambil, Mike Caterino, Jacquelyn McKern, Sandra Sleezer, Rebecca Trout, Scott Hutchins, Nancy Hinkle and Vicky Yokoyama.

The University of Arkansas Linnaean Team vs ...

... the Old Masters.

2007 President Scott Hutchins with 2008 President Mike Gray.

Tom Perring, Jeff Bradshaw, Greg Wiggins and Karl Neidhardt.