2009 Student 10-Minute Oral Presentations







MUVE 1st Gloria Giraldo-Calderon Purdue University Medical Entomology
MUVE 2nd Elizabeth Andrews University of Kentucky Medical Entomology
MUVE 1st Mark H. Goodman University of Kentucky Structural and Urban
MUVE 2nd Nicola T. Gallagher The Ohio State University Structural and Urban
MUVE 1st Roxanne G. Burrus University of Florida Vet and Stored Prod Pests
MUVE 2nd Megan L. Fritz Michigan State University Vet and Stored Prod Pests
IPMIS 1st Bradley W. Hopkins Texas A&M University Biochemistry and Toxicology
IPMIS 2nd Rachel E. Mallinger Univ of Wisconsin-Madison Biochemistry and Toxicology
IPMIS 1st George Guan-Hua Lin Cornell University Genetics
IPMIS 2nd Cynthia McDonnell University of Illinois Genetics
IPMIS 1st Sek Yee Tan Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln Gut/Microbial
IPMIS 2nd Chitvan Khajuria Kansas State University Gut/Microbial
IPMIS 1st Ankit Kumar Mississippi State University Integrated
IPMIS 2nd Frank Wessels University of Florida Integrated
P-IE 1st Thomas S. Davis Northern Arizona University Behavioral Ecology
P-IE 2nd Ariel F. Zimmerman University of Florida Behavioral Ecology
P-IE 1st Wayne J. Ohnesorg Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln Biological Control: I
P-IE 2nd Amanda K. Hodson Univ of California-Davis Biological Control: I
P-IE 1st Daniel Carrillo University of Florida Biological Control: II
P-IE 2nd Cristina M. Brady University of Kentucky Biological Control: II
P-IE 1st Kerry Mauck Pennsylvania State University Chem Ecology, Plant Defense
P-IE 2nd Craig P. Keathley University of Kentucky Chem Ecology, Plant Defense
P-IE 1st Mitchell D. Stamm Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln Crop Chemicals
P-IE 2nd Jarrod T. Hardke Louisiana State University Crop Chemicals
P-IE 1st Michele C. Lanan University of Arizona Ecology: I
P-IE 2nd Antonio Francis Florida A&M University Ecology: I
P-IE 1st Jordan M. Koopmans Univ of Northern British Columbia Ecology: II
P-IE 2nd Paul A. Lenhart Texas A&M University Ecology: II
P-IE 1st Erik A. Smith Cornell University Plant Resistance
P-IE 2nd Karla Medina-Ortega The Ohio State University Plant Resistance
P-IE 1st Hanna R. Gaines University of Wisconsin-Madison Pollinators
P-IE 2nd Melissa McKenny Oregon State University Pollinators
P-IE 1st Sarah Braun Cornell University Spatial & Community Ecology
P-IE 2nd Nancy Maxwell North Carolina State University Spatial & Community Ecology
P-IE 1st Loren Rivera Vega The Ohio State University Transgenics
P-IE 2nd Justin G. A. Whitehill The Ohio State University Transgenics
P-IE 1st Joyce E. Parker Washington State University Trapping and Forecasting
P-IE 2nd Richard B. Reeves Clemson University Trapping and Forecasting
SysEB 1st Morgan D. Jackson University of Guelph Biodiversity
SysEB 2nd Emilie Bess University of Illinois Biodiversity
SysEB 1st Justin Komito Northeastern Illinois University Ecology
SysEB 2nd Joshua K. Adkins University of Kentucky Ecology
SysEB 1st Margarita Hadjistylli University of California-Berkley Evolution
SysEB 2nd Salina Dominguez Northeastern Illinois University Evolution
SysEB 1st Floyd W. Shockley University of Georgia Molecular Diversity
SysEB 2nd Emily R. Meznar University of North Carolina Molecular Diversity
SysEB 1st Jesse A. Eiben University of Hawaii-Manoa Phylogenetics & Evolution
SysEB 2nd Eleanor Spicer North Carolina State University Phylogenetics & Evolution
SysEB 1st Gina Davis Virginia Tech Phylogenetics: I
SysEB 2nd Patrick T. Eager State University of New York Phylogenetics: I
SysEB 1st Julia J. Mlynarek McGill University Phylogenetics: II
SysEB 2nd Christopher A. Hamm Michigan State University Phylogenetics: II