2009 Student Display Presentation Competition Results

Section Place Student Institution Category
IPMIS 1st Xiaozhao Song Cornell University Molecular
IPMIS 2nd Xin Zhang Kansas State University Molecular
IPMIS 1st Prithwiraj Das Auburn University Physiology
IPMIS 2nd Kevin R. Patrick The Ohio State University Physiology
P-IE 1st Ik Ju Park New Mexico State University Biological Control
P-IE 2nd Sarah M. Colvin University of Kentucky Biological Control
P-IE 1st Jody R. Gilchrest West Texas A&M University Biotic and Environmental
P-IE 2nd Amy C. Morey University of Minnesota Biotic and Environmental
P-IE 1st Ian W. Keesey University of Missouri-Columbia Chemical Ecology and Insecticides
P-IE 2nd Sean T. Halloran Pennsylvania State University Chemical Ecology and Insecticides
P-IE 1st Teresia Nyoike University of Florida Ecology
P-IE 2nd Anna K. Fiedler Michigan State University Ecology
P-IE 1st Lisa N. Meihls University of Missouri-Columbia Host Plant Interaction, Resistance
P-IE 2nd John Diaz-Montano Cornell University Host Plant Interaction, Resistance
P-IE 1st Karrie Koch University of Minnesota IPM
P-IE 2nd Bishwo P. Mainali Andong National University IPM
P-IE 1st Justin T. Whitaker University of Arkansas Molecular/Others
P-IE 2nd Roxane Magnus University of Arkansas Molecular/Others
SysEB 1st Ryan D. Kuster University of North Carolina Genetic, Morphological & Ecological Diversity
SysEB 2nd Kelly E. Flynn University of North Florida Genetic, Morphological & Ecological Diversity
SysEB 1st Megan M. Zeller University of Missouri-Columbia Species Diversity
SysEB 2nd Lawrence E. Barringer University of Delaware Species Diversity
SysEB 1st Rachel O’Donnell Olson Michigan State University Systematics
SysEB 2nd Jessica Ortiz University of California-Riverside Systematics
MUVE 1st Thomas Chouvenc University of Florida  
MUVE 2nd Holly C. Tuten Clemson University