Member Symposia For Entomology 2010

This year, the Annual Meeting Program Committee selected 42 Member Symposia. The titles and organizers are listed below alphabetically.

  • A Discussion of the Prevalence of Host-associated Differentiation in Insects: Cascading effects and evolutionary diversification
    Raul F. Medina, Raul F. Medina, Julie Byrd Hébert and Apurba K. Barman

  • Acari, Small Players with Big Roles in Diverse Ecosystems
    Jose Carlos V. Rodrigues

  • Adding Diversity to Your Educational Outreach Toolbox: New ways to engage students in entomology and science
    Martha Rosett Lutz, Sarah L. Donelson and Michelle S. Smith

  • Advances in Acarology
    Jose Carlos V. Rodrigues, Ronald Ochoa and Ashley P.G. Dowling

  • Advances in IPM for Arthropod Management in Greenhouses
    Steven D. Frank and Michael P. Parrella

  • An Insider's View of Working in Industry
    Jacquelyn McKern and Ronda Hamm

  • BCE Symposium: Cultural Adaptation and Deployment of Scientific Advances Pursuant to Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius) Elimination in the United States
    Janis Reed, Shripat T. Kamble, Stuart Mitchell, Robert Davis and Jerry Hatch

  • Building the Framework to Enhance Biological Control in Orchard Systems: Progress and problems in the western U.S.
    Vince Jones

  • Diversity in Stored Product Pests, Their Biology, and Management Solutions
    Ellen M. Thoms

  • DoD Entomology: Global, Diverse and Improving Public Health
    William Sames

  • ESA Showcase of Excellence: Fostering our innovative and emerging entomologists
    Ashfaq A. Sial and Cheri Abraham

  • Emerging Pests and Research Approaches in Vegetable Pest Management
    Zsofia Szendrei and Russell L. Groves

  • Entodiversity: The innovators and pioneers of entomological science
    Tony Grace

  • Entodiversity: The profession, avocation, travel and special interests
    Kenneth A. Sorensen and Ken Pruess

  • Entodiversity in Today's Career Opportunities: How should graduates, departments, and programs prepare for them?
    Sujaya Rao and Jennifer Henke

  • Entodiversity in Turfgrass and Ornamental Pest Management
    Andrea J. Bixby and Joseph P. Doskocil

  • Entodiversity of Semiochemical Application in Insect Pest Management
    Jian Chen, Jerry Zhu and Aijun Zhang

  • Entomology and Fly Fishing: The perfect marriage
    Lowell R. Nault and Michael P. Parrella

  • Forest Entomology: Current issues and emerging trends across North America
    David R. Coyle, Christopher J. Fettig and John T. Nowak

  • Goldspotted Oak Borer (Agrilus coxalis): An indigenous exotic species that threatens California’s oak ecosystems
    Tom W. Coleman and Steven J. Seybold

  • Harnessing the Internet for Production Agriculture Stakeholders Using an IPM PIPE Paradigm
    Marvin Harris and Alejandro A. Calixto

  • Heteropterists Conference
    Scott Bundy and Christiane Weirauch

  • Inspiring Entomological Diversity in People of All Ages: The Importance of Six-legged educational outreach and extension
    Andrine A. Shufran and Rebecca Baldwin

  • International Branch Meeting and Mini-Symposium

  • Korean Young Entomologists (KYE)
    Doo-Hyung Lee and Dong-Hwan Choe

  • Looking Beyond Borders: GM crops, biological control and IPM in the international arena
    Nicolas Desneux and Kris Wyckhuys

  • Molecular and Biochemical Aspects of Plant-Insect Interactions: Student sponsored symposium
    Joe Louis, Justine George and Rupesh Ram Kariyat

  • North American Dipterists Society
    Julia J Mlynarek

  • Organic and Sustainable Vegetable Production: Challenges to IPM research, education, and technology adoption
    Ayanava Majumdar and Henry Fadamiro

  • Overseas Chinese Entomologists Association (OCEA): Opportunities and challenges of globalization in entomology
    Kun Yan Zhu and Jian Chen

  • SOLA Scarab Workers Symposium
    Andrew B.T. Smith

  • Scientific Publications and the Peer-review Process: Current issues and future challenges
    Frank H. Arthur and Phyllis G. Weintraub

  • Semiochemistry of the Cerambycidae: A diversity of signaling strategies, Part 1
    Ann M. Ray, James D. Barbour and Matthew D. Ginzel

  • Spotted Wing Drosophila across Boundaries and Perspectives
    Jana C. Lee, Denny Bruck and Amy J. Dreves

  • Stewardship and Conservation of Threatened Habitats in North America: An entomological perspective
    Luke E. Dodd and Lynne K. Rieske-Kinney

  • Student Debate: Issues surrounding biodiversity
    Ashfaq A. Sial and Cheri Abraham

  • Teaching Entomology to Non-majors
    Luis Espino

  • The Coleopterists Society
    Robert S. Anderson and Donald B Thomas

  • USDA ARS collections to Genomics: Entoversity with impact
    Kevin Hackett and Daniel A. Strickman

  • Unseen Alliances: Microbial symbioses that affect biological control
    James R. Hagler

  • Vector Behavior: Implications for the transmission and spread of plant and animal pathogens
    Matt Daugherty and Rodrigo Almeida

  • Vector-Virus Interactions in Agro Ecosystems: Approaches, advancements, and limitations
    Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan and Juan Manuel Alvarez

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