2004 ESA Annual Meeting

2004 ESA Annual Meeting
Wrap Up


November 14-17, 2004
Salt Lake City, Utah

Service Recognition
Service Recognition

During the closing session/final business meeting and the Certification Board meeting, many members were recognized for their dedication to the Society in serving in the following capacities:

President, 2004: Kevin L. Steffey

Secretary-Treasurer, 2000-2004: Linda J. Mason

Governing Board Representatives:
John D. Stark, Pacific Branch, 2002-2004
Wayne A. Gardner, Southeastern Branch, 2001-2004
Edward T. Schmidtmann, Section D, 2002-2004
Marlin E. Rice, Section E, 2002-2004
Scott H. Hutchins, North Central Branch, 2000-2004

Program Committee, 2004:
Richard A. Weinzierl, Co-Chair
Carol A. Sheppard, Co-Chair
Larry D. Godfrey, Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) Co-Chair
David R. Haviland, LAC Co-Chair
Peter S. Cranston, Section A Chair
Carol A. Sheppard, Section B Chair
Robert M. Nowierski, Section C Chair
Robert L. Meagher, Jr., Section C Vice Chair
Jan E. Conn, Section D Chair
L. Paul Guillebeau, Section E Chair
Bradford M. Kard, Section F Chair
Thomas E. Eickhoff, Student Liaison

Certification Board:
Jeffrey A. Weier, Director, 2004
W.H. Wymer, Eastern Branch, 2002-2004
Don V. Allemann, Southeastern Branch, 2002-2004

Publications Council, 2002-2004: Henry H. Hagedorn, Section B

Editor-in-Chief, 2002-2004: Todd E. Shelly, Annals of ESA

Editorial Boards:
Timothy J. Kring, Arthropod Management Tests, 2002-2004
Jan E. Conn, Annals of ESA, 2001-2004
Gary J. Brewer, American Entomologist, 2001-2004
Jerome A. Hogsette, American Entomologist, 2000-2004
Christopher Sansone, Book & Media Reviews, 2000-2004
Richard E. Lee, Jr., Environmental Entomology, 2000-2004
Allen E. Knutson, Journal of Economic Entomology, 2001-2004
Thomas W. Sappington, Journal of Medical Entomology, 2001-2004
Roger S. Nasci, Journal of Medical Entomology, 2001-2004

Subject Editors, 2002-2004:
Micky D. Eubanks, Annals of ESA
George E. Heimpel, Annals of ESA
Greg Hunt, Annals of ESA
Jocelyn G. Millar, Annals of ESA
David B. Rivers, Annals of ESA
Michael R. Strand, Annals of ESA
Gregory Zolnerowich, Annals of ESA
Jeffrey R. Aldrich, Environmental Entomology
Karen M. Clancy, Environmental Entomology
Lawrence A. Lacey, Environmental Entomology
Jan P. Nyrop, Environmental Entomology
Ring T. Cardé, Journal of Economic Entomology
Robert R. Granados, Journal of Economic Entomology
Michael J. Stout, Journal of Economic Entomology
Joseph Piesman, Journal of Medical Entomology
Edward D. Walker, Journal of Medical Entomology

Photos, top to bottom

  • Incoming President Mike Ivie (left) and outgoing President Kevin Steffey
  • Richard Weinzierl (left) and Carol Sheppard, Program Committee
  • Larry Godfrey (left) and David Haviland, Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs
  • Grayson Brown (left), Technology Coordinator for the Annual Meeting
  • Thomas Eickhoff (left), Student Liaison to the Program Committee

Larger photos are available upon request.

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