American Entomologist Seeks Cover Photos

American Entomologist covers

Annapolis, MD; September 5, 2017—ESA’s membership magazine, American Entomologist, is seeking dynamic, beautiful, and interesting photos of insects to appear on its cover.

Photos should be of living insects, in sharp focus, and in portrait orientation. It is preferred that the insect be in a natural setting, with no human presence visible; in addition, it is preferred that the full insect to be visible in the image, with no parts cropped out. The insect or other elements of interest should not appear in the top 30 percent of the photograph, to allow space for the American Entomologist masthead. All photos must be at least 300 dpi in resolution at a width of at least 8.5 inches.

Because American Entomologist is a quarterly publication and we wish to feature a variety of photographers’ work, we can only accept two photos per photographer as part of this call for photos.

By submitting your photo, you agree to give ESA permission to use your image on a future cover of American Entomologist. You will not be asked to transfer copyright in your photo to ESA. ESA will not use your photo in any other way without requesting your permission for that specific use.

Please submit your photos by December 1, 2017, to, along with a caption and photo credit information to be used if the image is published. Please include "American Entomologist call for cover photos" in your subject line or the body of your email to ensure that your photo is properly directed. Thank you for your interest in contributing the next great image for the cover of American Entomologist. 

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