Antlion Pit Competition - Intent to Compete

To compete for the Antlion Pit Completion taking place at Entomology 2019 each team must complete the below intent to compete form by May 31, 2019.

The intent to compete form allows the organizers to gauge the interest of the competition and schedule the event accordingly based on the number of submissions.  Please list up to 5 of your team members.  All team names and team members will be allowed to be changed.  Final team member names will be due at the September 3, 2019 deadline.  

Please note that when you submit the below you will not be able to access your submission after you hit the submit button.  

By submitting to the ESA Antlion Pit, you are acknowledging that each listed team member will be required to complete a signed Antlion Pit Competition Participant Acknowledgement and Agreement Form by September 3, 2019 and provide as part of the team proposal.