2004 10-Minutes Oral Presentations

Session A1
First Place: Julie Urban, New York State Museum (Paper # 177)
Honorable Mention:
Nathan Havill, Yale University (Paper # 181)

Session A2
First Place: Joshua Jones, North Carolina State University (Paper # 184)
Honorable Mention: Jason Leathers, Oregon State University (Paper # 191)

Session A3
First Place: Michael Ferro, University of Missouri-Columbia (Paper # 208)
Honorable Mention: Stephanie Stephens, Texas A&M University (Paper # 211)

Session B
First Place: Kendra Siebert, Kansas State University (Paper # 220)
Honorable Mention: Tunyalee Martin, University of California-Davis (Paper # 222)

Session Ca1
First Place: Michael Cripps, University of Idaho (Paper # 237)
Honorable Mention: L. Nicole Davidson, Utah State University (Paper # 228)

Session Ca2
First Place: Alejandro Costamagna, Michigan State University (Paper # 249)
Honorable Mention: Cynthia Hsu, University of Minnesota (Paper # 251)

Session Ca3, Ce
First Place: Sarah Thompson, North Carolina State University (Paper # 266)
Honorable Mention: Matthew Grieshop, Kansas State University (Paper # 264)

Session Ca4, Cd1, Ea1, F1
First Place: Patricia Anderson, Iowa State University (Paper # 281)
Honorable Mention: Craig Macmillan, California Polytechnic State University (Paper # 274)

Session Cb, Cd2, Fb1
First Place: Gissella Vasquez, North Carolina State University (Paper # 293)
Honorable Mention: Shawn Dash, Louisiana State University (Paper # 295)

Session Cc, Fa
First Place: Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan, University of Idaho (Paper # 300)
Honorable Mention: Matthew Carroll, University of Minnesota (Paper # 303)

Session Cd3, F2
First Place: Ximena Bernal, University of Texas-Austin (Paper # 309)
Honorable Mention: Joãsa Sousa, Virginia Tech (Paper # 319)

Session Cd5, Cf2
First Place: Miles Lepping, University of Maryland (Paper # 350)
Honorable Mention: Jennifer White, University of Minnesota (Paper # 347)

Session Cd4, Cf1
First Place: Glen Stevens, Virginia Tech (Paper # 332)
Honorable Mention: Allison Hansen, University of Montana (Paper # 329)

Session D, Ea2
First Place: Lisa Mirabello, New York State Department of Health (Paper # 359)
Honorable Mention: Jill Townzen, Oregon State University (Paper # 353)

Session F2, Fb2
First Place: Francisco Badenes-Perez, Cornell University (Paper # 370)
Honorable Mention: Tony Grace, Kansas State University (Paper # 367)