2005 10-Minutes Oral Presentations

Session A1
First Place: James A. Robertson, University of Georgia (Paper # 233)
Honorable Mention:
Gavin J. Svenson, Brigham Young University (Paper # 229)

Session A2
First Place: Michelle D. Trautwein, North Carolina State University (Paper # 246)
Honorable Mention: Matthew E. Gruwell, University of Massachusetts (Paper # 251)

Session A3
First Place: Stephanie Stephens, Texas A&M University (Paper # 262)
Honorable Mention: Hume Douglas, Carleton University (Paper # 257)

Session A4
First Place: Jennifer M. Zaspel, University of Florida (Paper # 266)
Honorable Mention: Jessica L. Ware, Rutgers University (Paper # 271)

Session B1
First Place: Jeremy A. Kroemer, University of Kentucky (Paper # 294)
Honorable Mention: M. Robert Michaud, Ohio State University (Paper # 282)

Session B2
First Place: Eliseu J.G. Pereira, University of Nebraska (Paper # 295)
Honorable Mention: G. Christopher Cutler, University of Georgia (Paper # 297)

Session Ca1, Ce1
First Place: Anna K. Fiedler, Michigan State University (Paper # 312)
Honorable Mention: Carrie E. Graham, University of Maine (Paper # 309)

Session Ca2, Ce2
First Place: Jayne M. Christen, Kansas State University (Paper # 314)
Honorable Mention: Yadwinder S. Deol, Ohio State University (Paper # 315)

Session Ca3, Ce3
First Place: Casey D. Butler, Prudue University (Paper # 334)
Honorable Mention: James R. McNeil, Pennsylvania State University (Paper # 330)

Session Cb, Fb1
First Place: David A. Tanner, University of California-Riverside (Paper # 354)
Honorable Mention: Bert Rivera-Marchand, University of Puerto Rico (Paper # 350)

Session Cc, Fa
First Place: Jeffrey A. Davis, University of Minnesota (Paper # 355)
Honorable Mention: Jennifer M. Dean, Pennslyvania State University (Paper # 359)

Session Cd1
First Place: Tara P. Smith, Louisiana State University (Paper # 300)
Honorable Mention: Emerson S. Lacey, University of Illinois (Paper # 377)

Session Cd2
First Place: Rebecca A. Hoffman, University of Wisconsin (Paper # 379)
Honorable Mention: Shannon Mahony, Carleton University (Paper # 386)

Session Cd3
First Place: Oscar G. Perez, Montana State University (Paper # 390)
Honorable Mention: Matthew D. Trager, University of Florida (Paper # 394)

Session Cd4
First Place: Mary Margaret Gardiner, Michigan State University (Paper # 407)
Honorable Mention: Maria Derval C. Diaz, Cornell University (Paper # 405)

Session Cd5
First Place: Sandra M. Adams, University of Montana (Paper # 425)
Honorable Mention: Candice A. Stafford, University of California-Riverside (Paper # 421)

Session Cd6
First Place: Ximena E. Bernal, University of Texas (Paper # 432)
Honorable Mention: Barrett A. Klein, University of Texas (Paper # 435)

Session Cd7, Cf, Ea, Eb
First Place: Heike Wanner, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Paper # 439)
Honorable Mention: Casey M. Delphia, Pennsylvania State University (Paper # 449)

Session D, Fb2
First Place: Rebecca W. Baldwin, University of Florida (Paper # 454)
Honorable Mention: Lee W. Cohnstaedt, Yale University (Paper # 458)

Session F1, Fb3
First Place: Anna I. Getchell, Kansas State University (Paper # 468)
Honorable Mention: Matthew R. Rawlings, Oklahoma State University (Paper # 473)

Session F2, Fb4
First Place: Kristen Tollerup, University of California-Riverside (Paper # 493)
Honorable Mention: Tony Grace, Kansas State University (Paper #481)