2003 Poster Presentations

Session A/Eb
First Place: Heather Hines, University of Illinois (Poster # D0016)
Honorable Mention: Jaron P. Sullivan, Brigham Young University (Poster # D0021)

Session A/B
First Place: Emily-Jean K. Gartrell, Iowa State University (Poster # D0048)
Honorable Mention: Xiaolong Yang, Pennsylvania State University (Poster # D0047)

Session B
First Place: Cynthia M. McDonnell, University of Illinois (Poster # D0034)
Honorable Mention: Rizana Mahroof, Kansas State University (Poster # D0027)

Session Ca
First Place: Jarrad R. Prasifka, Texas A&M University (Poster # D0050)
Honorable Mention: Scott B. Meers, Montana State University (Poster # D0052)

Session Cb/Ce/Cf
First Place: Miaoqing Shen, Pennsylvania State University (Poster # D0068)
Honorable Mention: Heather Mattila, University of Guelph (Poster # D0065)

Session Cc/F/Fa
First Place: Christopher M. Ranger, University of Missouri (Poster # D0150)
Honorable Mention: John Alcantara Fajardo, North Dakota State University (Poster # D0153)

Session Cd
First Place: Sandra W. Woolfolk, Mississippi State University (Poster # D0085)
Honorable Mention: Megan E. O’Rourke, Iowa State University (Poster # D0075)

Session Cd
First Place: Johnathan G. White, University of Missouri (Poster # D0097)
Honorable Mention: Paul A. DeLuca, University of Missouri (Poster # D0086)

Session Cd
First Place: Nathan W. Siegert, Michigan State University (Poster # D0105)
Honorable Mention: Andrea C. Agius, Michigan State University (Poster # D0099)

Session Cd/D
First Place: Carrie Beth Owens, University of Arkansas (Poster # D0129)
Honorable Mention: Donald A. Yee, Illinois State University (Poster # D0117)

Session F
First Place: Adeney F. Bueno, University of Nebraska (Poster # D0137)
Honorable Mention: Jared A. Hopper, Kansas State University (Poster # D0142)

Session Cd/Fb
First Place: Dhana Raj Boina, Kansas State University (Poster # D0155)
Honorable Mention: Andrew R. Allen, Kansas State University (Poster # D0112)