2004 Poster Presentations

Session A1First Place: Michelle DaCosta, University of Minnesota (Poster # 7)
Honorable Mention: Jadranka Rota, University of Connecticut (Poster # 9)

Session A2First Place: Erik Pilgrim, Utah State University (Poster # 14)
Runner Up: Obdulia Segura-Leon, University of Nebraska (Poster # 16)

Session B
First Place: Ashoka Maddur, Kansas State University (Poster # 28)
Runner Up: Christian Kaufmann, University of Georgia (Poster # 24) 

Session Ca1
First Place: Anna Fiedler, Michigan State University (Poster # 48)
Runner Up: Bethzayda Matos, Iowa State University (Poster # 41)

Session Ca2, Cc, Ce
First Place: Olgaly Ramos, Kansas State University (Poster # 99)
Runner Up: Jiang Chen, University of Georgia (Poster # 98)

Session Cd1, Cb1
First Place: Julianna Tuell, Michigan State University (Poster # 66)
Runner Up: Andrea Agius, Michigan State University (Poster # 69)

Session Cd2, Cf
First Place: Vanessa Ware, University of Arkansas (Poster # 74)
Runner Up: Betsy Anderson, USDA-ARS, Wooster, OH (Poster # 82)

Session Cd3
First Place: Bridget O’Neill, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Poster # 83)
Runner Up: Jennifer Williams, University of Arizona (Poster # 95)

Session Cd4, D
First Place: Sheri McElroy, University of Arkansas (Poster # 106)
Runner Up: Banugopan Kesavaraju, Illinois State University (Poster # 112)

Session Cb2, Fb1
First Place: Wendy Park, State University of New York-Syracuse (Poster # 58)
Runner Up: Yaowaluk Chanbang, Kansas State University (Poster # 157)

Session F1
First Place: Matthew Rawlings, Oklahoma State University (Poster # 130)
Runner Up: Chase Metzger, Washington State University (Poster # 122)

Session F2, Ea
First Place: Susan Sutliff-Shipley, North Carolina State University (Poster # 132)
Runner Up: Julie Cara Congdon, University of Florida (Poster # 115)

Session Fa
First Place: John Diaz-Montano, Kansas State University (Poster # 140)
Runner Up: Lisa Franzen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Poster # 141)