2005 Poster Presentations

Session A1
First Place: Nathan P. Lord, University of Georgia (Poster # D0002)
Honorable Mention: Shujuan Li, Purdue University (Poster # D0004)

Session A2
First Place: Akito Y. Kawahara, University of Maryland (Poster # D0014)
Honorable Mention: James A. Korecki, Clemson University (Poster # D0019)

Session A3, D1
First Place: Joshua R. Jones, North Carolina State University (Poster # D0025)
Honorable Mention: Melissa C. Blancas, University of St. Thomas (Poster # D0029) 

Session B1
First Place: Qiang Xu, Auburn University (Poster # D0086)
Honorable Mention: Songjie Wang, University of Missouri (Poster # D0094)

Session B2
First Place: Rachael L. O'Donnell Olson, Michigan State University (Poster # D0103)
Honorable Mention: Troy D. Anderson, Kansas State University (Poster # D0098)

Session B3, Eb
First Place: Carrie F. Olson, University of Minnesota (Poster # D0106)
Honorable Mention: Xing Zhang, Virginia Tech (Poster # D0108)

Session Ca1
First Place: Maria A. Barahona Ferman, University of Idaho (Poster # D0036)
Honorable Mention: Sandra W. Woolfolk, Mississippi State University (Poster # D0041)

Session Ca2, Ce1
First Place: Kenneth P. Puliafico, University of Idaho (Poster # D0128)
Honorable Mention: Jiang (John) Chen, University of Georgia (Poster # D0125)

Session Cb
First Place: Jennifer M. Tsuruda, University of California-Davis (Poster # D0123)
Honorable Mention: Dina L. Grayson, Arizona State University (Poster # D0119)

Session Cb1, Cf1
First Place: Jessica A. Metzger, Michigan Technological University (Poster # D0151)
Honorable Mention: Christy F.L. Finlayson, University of Maine (Poster # D0155)

Session Cc, Ce2, D2
First Place: Meera Venkatesan, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Poster # D0136)
Honorable Mention: Sean M. O'Donnell, New Mexico State University (Poster # D0141)

Session Cd2, Cf2
First Place: Charles E. Koneman, Oklahoma State University (Poster # D0163)
Honorable Mention: Emily V. Saarinen, University of Florida (Poster # D0165)

Session Cd3, Cf3
First Place: Simone de Souza Prado, University of Hawaii (Poster # D0173)
Honorable Mention: Susan A. Romero, Kansas State University (Poster # D0177)

Session Cd4
First Place: Janet L. Frederick, Michigan Technological University (Poster # D0046)
Honorable Mention: Katie J. Hopp, Luther College (Poster # D0043)

Session Ea, Fb
First Place: Kenneth S. Brown, Oklahoma State University (Poster # D0077)
Honorable Mention: Poornima Jayasimha, Louisiana State University (Poster # D0078)

Session F1
First Place: Paul E. Jenkins, Michigan State University (Poster # D0181)
Honorable Mention: Christine A. Bahlai, University of Guelph (Poster # D0187)

Session F2
First Place: J. Andrew Welsman, University of Guelph (Poster # D0062)
Honorable Mention: Andrine A. Morrison, Oklahoma State University (Poster # D0058)

Session F3, Fa
First Place: Amit Sethi, University of Florida (Poster # D0073)
Honorable Mention: Susannah G. Cooper, Michigan State University (Poster # D0069