Insect Pest Handbooks
This series of books is directed toward commodities, groups of pests associated with a specific habitat, or specific taxa of pests. The problems covered by the handbooks are principally those that occur in North America. The handbooks cover each insect in detail including identification, life history, distribution, status, injury/damage, and management/treatment. The audience for the handbooks includes entomologists, agricultural research scientists, agricultural teachers and their students, area and extension agents, veterinarians, foresters, turfgrass maintenance professionals, master gardeners, and homeowners. Books in the series are edited or written by ESA members and nonmembers. There are currently four handbooks available.

Thomas Say Publications in Entomology
This series publishes book-length manuscripts on all aspects of entomology. The series is divided into the following works:

1. Monographs are taxonomic works.

2. Memoirs are works on any nonsystematic topic in entomology.

3. Proceedings are collections of entomological papers delivered at symposia sponsored by ESA or by other scientific societies.