Call for SEB Awards Nominations

Deadlines have been set for receipt of nomination packets for both the John Henry Comstock Award and the Kirby L. Hays Memorial Award.  Clear guidelines outlining the requirements of a nomination packet can be found within the “committee guideline” section at

Nomination packets should be sent electronically to my assistant, Nicholas Larsen, at  Please include applicant’s last name and the award name (i.e., Comstock Award or Hays Memorial) in the email subject heading.

For answers to questions about the award process, contact me at the phone number or email below prior to June 20 and after July 18.  Between the dates of June 20 and July 18, please correspond with my assistant at the email address above.

July 6:  Deadline for receipt of nominations for the John Henry Comstock Award.

September 1: Deadline for receipt of nominations for the Kirby L. Hays Memorial Award.

Student recognition is an important function within our society.  The Student Awards Committee looks forward to receiving many nominations for the numerous, qualified students that represent our Southeastern Branch.


Gregg S. Nuessly
Chair, SEB Student Awards Committee