Code of Ethics for the ESA Governing Board

The Governing Board of the Entomological Society of America (ESA) is charged with overseeing the business affairs of the Society (subject to decisions on policy and actions by the membership) and has the authority to act on behalf of the Society unless otherwise specified by ESA Constitution or Bylaws. The conduct of ESA business may occasionally pose a potential conflict of interest for one or more members of the Board. Board members are to be vigilant regarding such potential conflicts and to conduct business so as to prevent conflicts of interest from compromising Board actions.

A potential conflict of interest can be defined by situations where personal and/or financial considerations may compromise judgment in any Board activity or where the situation may appear to provide the potential for professional judgment to be compromised. A conflict of interest occurs in situations where personal and/or financial considerations compromise judgment in any Board activity or where the actions appear to involve professional judgment being compromised.

To uphold the highest standards of truthfulness and honesty in their activities on behalf of the society, individual Governing Board members must disclose and possibly recuse themselves from addressing matters that come before the Board that, in their judgment, preclude them from offering independent, objective advice on an issue, or that give the appearance of being a conflict of interest. Board members must also exercise vigilance and make inquiries if such recusal is not exercised, but, in the other members

In the event that a conflict of interest does compromise a Governing Board action, the Governing Board will disclose and resolve the matter.

(Approved by the Governing Board on December 14, 2005)

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